Bad reviews – it isn’t us

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Recently we have noticed a credit card in the use called cp cards which has had bad reviews.

Unfortunately for us it is the same as our website – however that is where the similarities end – it is nothing to do with our company.

We have emailed the editor of the website regarding the review (see below) outlining our concerns.


It has been brought to my attention that if you search for our company name within google and the word review that results 2,3 & 4 say:

Ripoff Repost | Consumer Preferred Aka Cpcard | Complaint Review

It is regarding a rip off credit card in Tampa Florida.

However, to the casual user in Google it appears to be related to our company.

Are you able to modify the listing on your website so it doesn’t appear to be our company?

Kind regards


Colour Plastic Cards Ltd.



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