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A nice email from a happy customer

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We received a nice email from a customer today. He had received his order and emailed to say “Cards arrived this morning…perfect…thank you”

The order was for just 100 full colour solid plastic cards 420 microns thick, for a web developer.

Personally I think that the design of the cards (done by the customer) look very classy with a black background and a matt finish. I am glad he is pleased with them.

Thank you for your comments, as I have stated just a few times before, emails from customers thanking us are always nice to receive and more than welcome.

Bye for now.

Please leave your comments

plastic cards special offer

At Colour Plastic Cards we welcome any comments (good or bad) from our customers regarding how they found dealing with us and how happy they are with their plastic cards.

We value all comments, no matter how small, good or bad and we take any customer feedback seriously and and treat any negative feedback as constructive criticism so we can continue to improve our service.

We look forward to hearing from you soon with your comments.

Please email us at or leave a comment below in this blog.

Many thanks

All at Colour Plastic Cards Limited

Business Cards and Membership Cards

plastic cards special offer

We find most of our plastic cards orders are for membership cards or loyalty cards rather than normal business cards.

We can produce business cards / business card printing by offering any of our plastic cards products or our matt laminated business cards (card rather than plastic)

If you are interested in having business cards printed, please get in touch with us.

Images now removed!

plastic cards special offer

selection of plastic business cards

Last week I wrote a blog saying that a Chinese plastic card printing company had stolen images from our website to include on theirs.

We get this a lot from new companies in the industry that are either lazy or don’t have the ability to take their own photographs of plastic cards for their website.

Anyway, after repeatedly harassing/nagging the Chinese plastic card company, they have finally removed my images from their website.

However, they have not apologised!

I will continue to keep my eye on them as well as other new companies to ensure my images remain solely on my website.

Google checkout for processing orders

plastic cards special offer

black plastic card with watermark

We have been using good checkout for over a year to process payment for plastic cards orders. There has been teething troubles and we still don’t consider this the easiest online payment method however due to our adwords account we have benefited from free transaction processing.

However form the beginning of May 2009 the free transaction processing is being abolished and quite an extensive tier of pricing is being implement.

We like to offer our customers as many payment options as possible however the new charges google are planning to implement may rule this option out for us.

We have always thought it unfair to charge customer a surcharge for paying by credit cards however I guess if someone insists on paying via google checkout after May we may have to look at a surcharge.

Why Loyalty Card Schemes Work and Why Companies Offer Them

plastic cards special offer

Acquiring a new customer costs seven times as much as retaining one. So it is more profitable for companies to encourage customers to stay loyal by means of loyalty card schemes. Even if they forego some of their profits on the scheme, there is still more money to be made off an existing customer than a new one.

And the interesting thing is that it starts off a cycle of purchases – the more a customer receives by way of loyalty points, the more he/she is enticed to redeem those points in the form of discounts and buy from you further. Because companies make sure that the discount can be applied to only a part of the purchase, there are still more loyalty points to had from the remaining part.

If yours is a company that sells products which are purchased only periodically, say dog food, you could co-brand your loyalty card with a service provider, like a vet or grooming care. This is a great way of ensuring that your customers don’t switch loyalty to other brands/products.

If a particular loyalty program isn’t working, then you need to check if the rewards offered are in tune with your customers’ wants/needs. Out of 29 loyalty schemes that the average American household is enrolled in, only 12 see activity. So sometimes a discount on a visit to the vet might be better than a discount from a pet groomer.

Sometimes, it could be because the points/rewards system is too complicated. In the United Kingdom, you have to spend £76 on Costa coffee to gain £1.95. Caffè Nero, another coffee chain that specializes in Italian coffee, has a simpler rewards system – all you have to do is buy nine cups to get the tenth one free. In other words, you spend £18.45 to gain £2.05.
Loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers.

Cards or digital coupons for loyalty programs?
It can be tempting to go digital. You could simply let the customer know by SMS or email (or both), how many points he/she has earned on the purchase. But the chances are high that the person would forget them after reading it. Because there are several loyalty schemes around, it is hard to remember how many points he/she has at present with your loyalty program. Unless people redeem their points, the loyalty scheme loses its significance.

Cards are better because they don’t have to remember anything. They only have to present their loyalty card at the counter and avail of a discount. This is far easier than fishing out their cellphone, searching for the email that followed their last purchase and telling the cashier the coupon code or the number of points they have accumulated. Getting a discount each time – if he/she is eligible – only makes them more loyal to you.

If the loyalty card is well-designed and made of quality material, like the thick plastic you see with credit cards, your customers are also likely to hang on to them more than ones that don’t cost much in terms of material. This makes it even easier to shop and redeem their loyalty points.