Membership cards – a growing demand

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Robust, professional-looking membership cards.

Whether it’s a gym, a private club, a beauty salon or a sports club, many organisations make use of membership cards.

These could be printed on card, but really you and your members need a card to be more robust and long lasting.
We produce professional plastic membership cards which are full colour plastic cards that are the same thickness and quality as your credit card.

As well as ensuring that your members’ cards don’t get damaged, this will also reflect well on you as a company. But there are more specific benefits as well. You can keep a better track of your members by having the cards numbered or personalised in some way.

Membership cards can have sequential numbering to make each unique, or you can go further than that. Information about each specific member can be printed onto the card and you can even get cards produced with an image of the person on them. If they are for regular use getting in and out of a building, they can be made with a slot or hole so that you can attach a lanyard so that people can have them round their necks or attached to their clothing.

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membership cards

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