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Plastic Cards Free Design

Every week we find some people are confused about our free artwork service and what do we mean when we say that it’s not a graphic design service?

Over the years, we have found one simple way to explain it to people as follows:

Our Free Artwork Service is ideal for people who don’t have the time or ability to create artwork to the correct specification for a plastic card.

Example 1, a decorator

One way to see it is:

You would call a decorator in to decorate the walls of your house, and paint the doors and window frames. You would do this because you don’t have the time to decorate it yourself or perhaps you lack the ability to do a good job, or both.

You would tell the decorator which wallpaper to put on which wall and what colour paint to paint the door frames and what colour to paint the window frames etc. The decorator would then proceed to do his job of decorating based on your instructions.

This is the same concept as our Free Artwork Service

Example 2, an interior designer

However, if you didn’t know how to decorate the walls and what colours to paint the doors and window frames, thats where you would call on the services of an interior designer.

An interior designer would give you colour scheme suggestions and ideas of how to decorate walls, wallpaper ideas etc.

They would provide many different concepts and work with you to evolve them so you are totally happy with the end result. This of course takes a lot of time. Once the interior designer has given you some ideas, they need to leave it with you to analyse and think about. Then when you are ready you would enter into further discussions to evolve the ideas and move them forward.

Then, once you are completely happy with the interior designers ideas and have settled on a concept, you would then instruct a decorator to carry out the decorating accordingly.

This is the same concept as the services provided by a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer would create a range of designs as a starting point to be worked on and evolved. There will be a lot of work involved and a lot of discussions between you and the graphic designer. Then once you are happy with the final design and all design aspects, fonts, sizing, wording images have been tweaked the artwork will then be ready to print. This whole process can take weeks to produce the end result.

To clarify

We do not offer a graphic design service as we are not graphic designers and no one within our company has any graphic design qualifications.

We are a printing company that tries to help people Free of Charge by offering a Free Artwork Service

We fully understand that some people require a graphic design service and our Free Artwork Service isn’t the right choice for them.

However, please do understand that it simply isn’t possible for us to offer you a graphic design service as it isn’t something that we do. Some people think we are being awkward and get shirty with us. It needs to be understood that there is a huge difference between a Free Artwork Service and a graphic design service.

For a start graphic design is expensive, you could easily pay £200+ for a graphic designer to create a plastic card design for you.

When you consider we can offer you 250 full colour plastic business cards with Free Artwork and Free Delivery within England for just £99 +vat you will now really appreciate just how much of a fantastic deal this is!

We are proud to help dozens of people each and every week by providing a Free Artwork Service and appreciate all the positive feedback we receive from our many happy customers.

Plastic Cards Free Design

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