Why plastic cards?

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Why buy plastic cards to be used as plastic business cards?

Business cards are often exchanged during meetings or trade shows. They are a means of easily passing on business information, such as the person’s role, the company they work for and any contact information.

Having spoken to the person in question, the receiver of the business card has an address, a phone number or an email address if they do decide to follow up on anything that may have come up during conversation.

plastic business cards

While you are a representative of your company, the business card effectively represents you. If you have a cheap, thin, cardboard business card that falls apart, this will he how you are remembered – if you’re remembered at all. However, if you have a professionally made, personalised plastic business card, you can maintain the good impression you’ve hopefully made in person.

You can get full colour plastic business cards in a gloss or matt finish. These cards will have rounded corners and are available in a variety of thicknesses, from credit card thickness down to a lighter, flexible thickness, which is slightly cheaper. You can also get cards with a satin black background or with a metallic look. Finally, there are frosted plastic business cards, which are semi-transparent.

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