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Hi All,

We have had some curious communication from someone recently.

Rather than copying and pasting all the emails I will briefly summarise the correspondence.

The enquiry was for full colour solid plastic cards, specifically requesting Pantone colours and saying how important it is to get the colours right.

We replied saying we do not print with Pantone colours (we print using a CMYK process) and we can not offer colour matching.

The person proceeded to say to go ahead anyway, we assumed they had changed there mind about the colours being important (quite a few customers do this) and proceeded to let him know how to proceed with his order.

We received an email back asking for a free postal proof. We replied saying this is not possible (the postal proofs not to mention the order administration itself obviously take us time and money to produce). This person then phoned up, to go through what had already been discussed via email, they were told the same things again, we do not colour match, we do not print in pantones and we do not offer free postal proofs, the next email we received was even more curious:

“I dont know if you are aware but this lady xxxxx is messing with people big time.

It looks like she doesn’t care about your business, No is her main answer and when I finally speak to her and try to explain what I need she just hung up.Bravo.”

In reply to your email:

1) I am not messing with people big time, I am simply telling you what we can and not not do – this is called honesty. I could fib and promise the world however I am not like this and prefer not to accept your order rather than lie and upset you later down the line.

2) I do indeed care about the business, please refer to answer one above. Perhaps not offering free postal proofs shows how much I care for the business, as I know we can not offer what you want so why waste the companies money by producing one.

3) Regarding my main answer being no, again I know what we can and can not offer, I am just being honest.

4) I did not hang up, the telephone conversation was over and you even said bye. I personally felt the telephone conversation was not constructive as I was just repeating my previous email correspondence (how does this help anyone).

So to conculde, what should we have done in this situation, lied to you, promised you the world and then let you down. Well sorry this just isn’t how we work.

Good luck with other companies, some who will probably fib to you and will frustrate you after you have committed to a order.

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