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Hi All,

I’m not going to name names here however we have a customer who uses our bureau personlisation service on full colour plastic cards who has repeatedly over the last 12 months sent in there excel files in a different format and then blames us for them being printed incorrectly. For this particular customer we did remind them twice in the last 10 months of the requirements for submitting the excel files however this seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Its such a shame that they keep wasting there cards by submitting the flies incorrectly, examples of things they do are:

– Submitting the columns in different orders

– Omitting a column which is usually there

– Leaving blank spaces in the excel file

There are other ways to waste the cards and no doubt in the next 12 months they will manage to do these as well!

If it doubt please ask us for guidance and we will happily supply this.

Bye for now.

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