Cash machine mix up

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Did you hear about the hole in the wall which decided to eject free money to users. When someone asked for £10 it gave £20, probably more likely they asked for £500 and got £1000! The machine is or more likely was used by Bank Machine Ltd. I’m guessing it has been put in to retirement now!

It happened in Dundee in Scotland. Coincidentally a repeat customer phone up just a few minutes after I read this article and mentioned that they were there when this happened, they did not have any bank cards with them so could not benefit from the error.

The bank much have records of who withdrew cash and be able to contact them to ask for it back? Really not sure what happens in these circumstances, if you know please tell us?

Anyhow the repeat customer who phoned up wanted full colour solid plastic cards which looked similar to bank cards, they are actually for use as a business card but they are in the baking industry and thought they may go down well with colleagues / in meetings. We happily obliged.

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