Clear business cards, hot foil printed

plastic cards special offer

Hot foil printing has been around for a long long time however unfortunately the products we offer via this printing method (frosted plastic cards, satin black plastic cards and some metallic plastic cards) are just not selling as well at the moment as they have been in the past.

We have recently discovered that our frosted plastic cards are often referred to by customers as clear business cards or clear plastic cards so we are now calling them this instead.

We have tried different ways to promote these cards including re-designing the web pages, including artwork in the price and just generally promoting them as a professional yet contemporary plastic card. However this has surprisingly not really increased the sales in this area.

We will try our best to think of other ways to promote this excellent product however if anybody out there comes up with any ideas for us, please drop us a line.

Its not a product we are looking to stop selling as we appreciate that customers do want the choice.

Catch you soon

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