Director of communications

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I’ve had a rumor that a new director of communications is required for our government, I think I will send in the post a plastic business card to see if I will be invited to send in my CV. Look at all these wonderful blogs I write, surely I must have a chance?!

What qualities do you feel out director of communications should have, erm..well perhaps a few of the following:

An ability to communicate well with all levels of people

Fine qualifications to ensure good education

What is appropriate to communicate and to who e.g imagine someone who did not know when to keep quiet and the Times getting hold of a juicy story which was meant to be kept private

Someone would can keep calm in even the most stressful situation

Ok, I think I have ruled me out but I’ve still got some posh plastic business cards if anyone wants to see them?!

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