Foil printed plastic cards

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Our most popular product ranges are the full colour solid plastic cards and the foil printed plastic cards. I wanted to briefly touch upon the foil printed cards. The most popular card from this range is the clear plastic cards.

I am note sure that many people are aware of this but the clear plastic cards, satin black plastic cards and metallic plastic cards are all printed using the same printing method.

This is really important to point out, as if you are thinking of starting a membership scheme you could utilise these different base cards to show different member categories, for example:

Frosted clear plastic cards: Standard membership

Metallic Silver plastic cards: For silver members (or perhaps platinum)

Metallic Gold plastic cards: For gold members

Satin black plastic cards: For very exclusive members

Obviously you can organise the different tiers of membership anyway you like and the above is just to give you an idea.

I hope this has given you something to think about. Please drop us an email if you would like a quote.

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