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Hi All,

We received the following enquiry today and through I would share it with you so that you can see the type of enquiry we receive:

“Hi there, I’m looking for some biz cards that are a little different to the norm.

I have a black on white design which I want printed on to clear plastic cards where the top half is completely transparent. I then want a hole put on the side of them and some pink string tied through – basically making a sort of gift tag style biz card.

Can you do that? if so, how much for 250?”

Our response to this enquiry was as follows:

“We offer frosted clear plastic cards however the frosted effect is all over the card we can not leave part of it completely clear. We never recommend completely clear cards or even a section of them clear as they show scratches very very easily and look terrible after a very short period of time.

I also would not recommend having a hole in business cards for two reasons:

1) On the frosted clear card would may see a stress mark around the punch

2) Just a thought – how can people put the cards in their wallets with string attached – just a consideration for you

Would you like a quote for our frosted clear plastic cards? I have attached a picture of the frosted clear cards we offer for your review.”


Currently we are waiting to hear back from the customer but through I would share the kind of enquiry we get with you in relation to our frosted clear plastic cards.

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