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We like to think that our website is informative and geared up to assist our customers as much as possible. Our website clearly shows all the products we offer, namely:

Frosted plastic cards

Satin Black plastic cards

Metallic plastic cards

Full colour solid plastic cards (3 thicknesses available)

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We offer example prices on the website for the satin black, frosted, metallic and matt laminated cards. The full colour plastic cards have so many optional extras that we feel it is not practical to include prices on the website, we do however offer a prompt online quote request service.

I would say that most quotes are replied to within 5 to 10 minutes however at busy times this can be longer. A lot of our customers think we have an automated quoting system as we often provide so quickly however I can assure you that we physically put each one together ourselves.

For the products which have prices available on the website we do not have a separate quote form however if customers feel they can not define their quote online they are free to email us and we will reply very promptly. Often it is useful for the customer to submit there artwork so we can assess the best product for them.

Our href=”/quotation-request/”>quote request forms have been developed over a number of years and I guess they will be adapted more in the future when we realize things that can be worded or done in a better way. If any one has any comments in relation to the quote request forms please fell free to let us know.

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