It’s not so bad

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Whilst speaking to a number of different customers today, it is apparent that a lot of people are down in the dumps, this seems to stem from the cold weather and short days. I though I would try to think of a few reasons why we should try to like the winter season and have come up with the following:

Different and possibly unusual birdies in the garden

Christmas holiday – woo hooo 2 weeks off work

Getting to make a snowman or have a snowball fight

Enjoying feeling cosy inside, especial if you have a log burner

Not having to mow the lawn

It is the best time of the year to use hot tubs, if you are lucky enough to own one. If you don’t try hiring on and give it a go! A great way to enjoy the garden in the cold weather.

Spring is just around the corner and is something to look forward to – time to plant your bulbs if you haven’t already

Seeing the Christmas lights switched on in your village

Appreciating the walk to the pub as your greeted by a roaring fire

Prettier views – if you go out for a walk as the tree / hedge foliage is not masking what is behind it, its amazing how much more you notice when the greenery is not there

Less plane noise overhead – can never get my head around why people seem to go on holiday more in the summer, surely it would make sense to go to warmer countries in the winter and make the most of the UK summer

Christmas markets e.g. the German one in Manchester, just great

Temporary ice skating rinks which open in some villages – outdoor ice skating, nothing better….apart from hot tubs

… and finally you can use you full colour solid plastic cards as an ice scraper on your car!

If you can think of any other reasons to be cheery in the winter please add them to this blog, we all need a boost from time to time, lets think ourselves lucky for what we do have and stop moaning!

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