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We received a phone call today from a customer requiring membership cards, they were a little unsure as to what method to use to actually store customers details on their computer system. Although we do not currently sell these packages we advised the customer that they have a few things to consider namely:

– Did they want to use barcode or magnetic strips (we advised the customer to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both these methods independently and advised that a search of the internet may assist them)
– They will need to purchase both software and hardware (some companies will offer all all in one package or it may be more cost effective to order the items separately)
– The hardware will allow the card to physically be scanned and information transferred to the companies computer system
– The software will enable the data on the customer to be managed e.g. points attached for a loyalty scheme or number of times the member has visited the organization/club.

We hope that providing information such as the above will help customers, as even though we do not currently sell these products, we like to be able to offer advice where we can.

Future blogs on the advantages and disadvantages of bar codes and magnetic strips may be posted (work load permitting). Watch this space!

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