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Hi All,

Had a phone call just now which confused me a little – easily done!

A lady phoned asking if we do metallic plastic cards, yes we do I reply, is there anything particular are you looking for I ask, she replies saying metal cards. Oh there is a bit difference between metal and metallic cards so I double check which is required metallic or metal but I receive a reply however I am still a little unsure which is required! Other questions followed such as turn around time, what metallic cards do we offer etc

Just to clarify for everyone in case any one else is confused, there is a difference between metal and metallic cards and we specalise in plastic cards (not metal) but yes indeed we can offer plastic metallic cards.

If you would like metallic cards there are two different printing processes we can use, I wold suggest the best thing to do is email your artwork over so that we can assess the most appropriate product for you.

Bye for now

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