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Hi All,

Recently I have noticed a few new joiners to the plastic cards market. I was looking at one of these website the other day and found it so funny the wording that had been used.

There was one area which was describing the products they offer, I came remember the exact wording but it was something a long the lines of:
“We offer lovely chicken plastic cards.”

What?!?! Chicken?!?

I think this is a Chinese company looking to make it in the UK market, as the funny wording like this all through there website. I think it is either poor translation or just a general lack of knowledge of the English Language.

I am not saying our website is perfect (or my blogs come to think of it). I am sure it has a few typos but I can guarantee you there are no chickens!

Please be careful when ordering your plastic cards, ask about time frames, extended timeframes will probably let you know the cards are not produced in the UK.

Bye for now.

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