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Hello all,

Week in week out we receive compliments from customers who purchase our plastic cards, recently we have received a lot of positive feedback surrounding our response time to plastic card quote requests. We do try our very best to reply to all quotes very quickly.

The best way for a customer to request a quote if via our online quotation forms. This way we can fully understand the optional extras which are required.

I think that some customers may be put off completing the form as it asks for a contact telephone number. I would like to assure everybody that this telephone number will only be used should an emergency situation exist, for example if a customer has placed an order for plastic cards and the courier is struggling to delivery the order and this is the only phone number we have not tried, then we will use it as our mission is to ensure your order is delivered as timely as possible.

We are not the kind of company to phone up and pester potential customers as we do not think this has any advantage for anyone.

We may occasionally email to ask if there is anything we can do to assist with any order, if a customer replies to this email saying they are not interested then we simply do not contact them again. We just ask for a little courtesy and for customers to keep us informed, if for any reason they do not wish to proceed with their order – it’s not a problem, just keep us informed!

Anyhow. this blog started off on a positive note and has ended off in a little bit of a rant! We respect all our customers and hope they will return this to us. We welcome any constructive feedback.

Thank you for reading!

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