Plastic business cards – rush orders

plastic cards special offer

Dear oh dear, what a day!

We officially close at 5pm however its gone 6pm and I am still here!

I was specifically waiting for a customer to place an order for full colour solid plastic cards which are desperately needed for next week. It was only a small order of 100 cards but we like to please where we can.

Any how, the artwork came through and it wasn’t…artwork that is. Ok slight exaggeration, we could print from it but the quality was poor, we being an honest company, told the customer the quality was poor and explained that we could use it but asked if it to be re-sent in a higher quality or we could quote to recreate it for them.

The customer seem amused as our website says we fix technical problems free of charge. We do indeed fix technical problems, where we can, but for this artwork to print good quality it needed completely re-creating from scratch, not just fixed!

The customer was not happy to pay any additional cost for our design team to work on HIS artwork and did not want us to use HIS artwork in the quality he had sent it to us in! So end result was…he cancelled the order!

We really do try our best for customers, even for tiny little orders where there is hardly any profit but what could we have done differently in this situation?

Perhaps we should not advise that the artwork is poor quality. If we had done this we would now have the order and I would probably be on my way home. Unfortunately we are HONEST and we just don’t work like this. Unfortunately I think this is why we loose a lot of orders to our competitions, as we are honest where some of them are not!

Ah well, I am off home in 10 minutes.

Can anyone suggest any advice in this situation?

Bye bye

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