Plastic card delivery

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

A polite request, please do not order items from us if you are never in to receive delivery of them!

It’s a common sense request however we have had no end of trouble recently regarding an order of frosted plastic cards.

We dispatch the order on the 12th July and after a lot of attempted deliveries by the courier they are now on there way back to us as the courier can not deliver them.

I will have to spend some time tomorrow contacting the courier to see where they are as really they should have been back with us days ago. I really hope they have not been lost.

I am very worried at the condition the cards will be in, after spending nearly a month passed between courier depot and courier van I am expecting the worse.

Fingers crossed they arrive back with us tomorrow and in a good state.

Strangely this customer knows he is hardly ever at the deliver address he provided, so why order them for delivery there!

Bye for now please have your fingers crossed.

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