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Hello All,

The blog is more of an announcement, as you are probably aware we offer a bureau personlisation service where we hold the plastic cards is stock and personlise them for the customer when new members join.

We are having a tidy up of the office store this week and next week and will be contacting customers who have not asked for any of there cards for 12 months or over. We will ask the customer if they would like any remaining cards to be posted to them or for us to destroy them.

We have had to make a decision that if a customer has not been in contact or submitted any excel files in the last 12 months that we will have to shred the cards.
In addition to this, if we receive email delivery failures and again the customer has not been in touch for 12 months or longer we will shred the cards.
If you think you have any cards sat in our stores please get in touch in the next week as we will happily post them out to you.

Bye for now.

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