Plastic cards and checking the proofs

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This is a polite request to re-sellers of our full colour solid plastic cards and key cards,

Over the past month we have a lot of re-sellers contacting us after seeing the postal proof for the full colour solid plastic cards, various queries / comments have been made regarding the printing. We have spent a lot of time explaining printing limitations, printing process, CMYK colour values etc and why certain things have happened (usually down to the artwork supplied).

After we have spent a long, long time discussing the points with the re-seller they have then show the end customer the postal proof, who 9 out of 10 times approves the proof immediately and thinks they are wonderful.

Please could I politely request that the postal proof is shown to the customer before contacting us with concerns as often we find that they are being over analysed and the end customer is 100% happy with it.

Any comments please feel free to post on this blog.

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