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We often have customers requesting email proof after email proof with very slight changes to their artwork. The email proofs we provide are basically just the customers own artwork sent back to them.

We provide email proofs to ensure that the artwork has not become corrupt and that we have the correct files for them (e.g. we have not by accident selected the wrong one from our printing files). Customer seem to use them to proof read there own artwork! This really is not the point of them and basically causes unnecessary work for both the customer and for us.

We obviously want customer to be as happy as possible hence providing email proofs to ensure the artwork is correct. However we do really need to receive only the finished final, print ready, signed off artwork. Its such a shame that some customer consume so much of our time meaning that we can not help more customers in a quicker space of time.

We had a customer today who requested a 3rd email proof to show round a meeting they are having on Friday and they can not even confirm there embossing requirements which may mean a 4th submission of artwork. We are wondering why they can not show their own artwork around the meeting? Surely this would be easier for all concerned!?

Any comments would be welcome. We do not want to upset customers but we simply do not have enough time in the day.

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