Plastic cards and how to order them

plastic cards special offer

The process to order our full colour solid plastic cards can be summarised by the following:

1) Customer emails artwork over to us

2) We provide a photo-realistic proof for checking by email

3) Customer approves the proof

4) We produce a postal proof actual finished card with the customers design on

5) Customers approves postal proof and we print the full order OR new artwork is submitted.

We offer the postal proofs so that customer can review the printing of the cards before we print the whole order. Occasionally customers will notice a typo or other mistake when viewing the postal proofs. Really this should have been picked up before they submitted there artwork to us or even when we send a PDF proof back to the customer to double check. However occasionally it takes until the hard copy proof doe these mistakes to be noticed.

We have noticed that when this happens it is amazing the number of customers who do not want to see the 2nd postal proof, although it took until this stage first time around for the mistake to be noticed. We do politely try to point this out to customers and most times they agree to the 2nd postal proof.

An example of this situation is below which happened this week:

“I collected the proof this morning and noticed that I got one of the telephone numbers wrong on the file I sent you.

I’ve attached a new front for the card which changes the mobile number from 07xxx xxx xxx to 07xxx xxx xxx.

As I am happy with the quality of the cards, I’m happy for you to email me a proof just showing the new telephone number etc (just so I know you’re using the new PSD file and not the old one).”

This customer is having 2nd postal proof!

We just wanted to point out that the proofs are a good idea to have!

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