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plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Our bureau personlisation service is proving to be very popular this month, we have had 5 new customers already. We may have to take on additional staff to cover the extra work.

Talking of the bureau service we have a long standing customer who first contacted us in early 2007 and have been a customer since then, wow 3 years has really gone by quickly. They typically order approx 30 cards each week and every now and again a large batch, presumable the larger batches occur due to a membership drive or a lot of renewals happening at the same time. From speaking to this customer our service really helps them to promote there membership scheme and ensures that members feel valued with a personlised card. Its also helpful for our customer as when there members phone up they usually have there membership number to hand as we also print this on the cards for them.

If you are interested in our bureau personlisation service more information and a quotation can be found /here

Place your bureau order sooner rather than later in case we reach capacity.

Bye for now

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