Plastic cards, avoid ones made in China

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I posted a blog recently about a customer who was contemplating ordering with a company who produces there cards in China. Well they are indeed very glad that they decided to order with us!

There order was for a calendar card on a full colour solid plastic 760 micron plastic. Well we went through the usual route of email proof and then postal proof, on reviewing the postal proof the customer realised that one of the months had two dates missing from it!

The customer submitted new artwork and we are currently in the process of producing the second postal proof.

If this customer had ordered with the company who produces cards in China they would be stuck with 250 cards all with a calander on which they could not use as it was incorrect.

Order your full colour solid plastic cards with us and receive a proofing system which includes a double check proofing system e.g. the postal proof.

It really is amazing how many customers submit there own artwork. approve the email proof, receive the postal proof and then and only then realise there is a mistake!

Makes do happen by the best of us, we at Colour Plastic Cards just try to eliminate the chance of mistakes as much as possible for you.

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