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Hello All,

I mentioned earlier in the week about a rush order for plastic cards for a car company . Well I have pleasure in announcing that we have managed to produce their plastic cards one day quicker than expected and the order should be delivered tomorrow.

We are obviously reliant on the courier company playing there part but all going well the customer should have plenty of time to transport the cards abroad for the motor show.

It’s always nice when we are able to help customers, sometimes the plastic cards can make or break deals for people, especially if they relate to a membership schemes and need to be given to new members at an open day or event (sorry I am waffling a little as the cards for the car company were not actually a membership card!).

Anyhow I just though I would let you know that this order has been despatched with time to spare and that if you need plastic cards in a hurry it may well be possible, please just ask & we will see what we can do for you.

Bye for now.

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