Plastic cards personalisation service

plastic cards special offer

For our full colour plastic cards, we offer a bureau personalisation service.

This service enables customers to have plastic cards personalised with customers/members details as and when required.

So, for example, a golf club could order 1,000 plastic membership cards. We would hold the plastic cards in stock for them once they have been printed. Then maybe once a week, the customer will email an excel document to us which contains the details to be printed on the cards of the new members, for example:

– The members name

– The type of membership, full, junior etc.

– The members membership number

– The expiry date.

Once we have received the customers excel file, we will overprint the personalised details onto the cards and dispatch them within 3 working days.

This service is also useful if a member loses their card, their details can be submitted to us as normal when new cards are ordered.

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