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We occasionally receive phone calls from new and existing customers enquiring about plastic cards with square corners. We have have tried plastic cards with square corners however from a health and safety point of view we consider them to be too dangerous to produce/sell.

As the cards are plastic, producing them with square corners would leave four rather sharp corners which could result in nasty injuries.

We do offer one product with square corners, this is the matt laminated 380 gsm cardboard product. So if a customer insists on square corners this is the optional available for them.

If you are looking to order plastic cards with square corners from a company which does sell this please be careful & remember that the safety of other people should far out weight any benefits you feel are gained from square corners.

Our plastic cards come with 3mm radius corners as standard (same as a credit card) and we feel that as well as being safe by not having four sharp corners that look the most professional with the radius corners.

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