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I thought I would start this blog as a lot of customers are asking questions about the special offer for our full colour solid plastic cards.

The point of the special offer is to provide our customers with a cost effective, high quality product for a very very good price. The reason we are doing this is to promote fast, easy to process orders for the company.

Recently we have found a lot of people contact us, not mentioning they are interested in the special offer, asking questions, we provide quotes etc and then they say “oh I’ve seen your special offer would this apply to me”. This really isn’t the idea. The special offer is meant to be quick and efficient for both of us. The website clearly explains what the deal is!

Examples of recent questions are:

Question: Can you provide me with a template for a calendar?

Answer: No you are to provide us with print ready artwork

Question: What is wrong with my artwork?

Answer: We have clearly provided artwork specifications & unfortunately are unable to provide technical guidance

Question: Can you check my artwork before it is submitted?

Answer: No sorry, we do not have any margin in this offer to offer this service however after placing your order if your artwork is not to the correct specification we will inform you of this and ask you to re-submit it.

Question: Is the special offer the same quality / thickness as you quoted me for originally?

Answer: Sorry not sure please check your original quote

Question: Can I have barcodes?

Answer: No sorry

Further questions:

You are very inflexible, why can we not have barcodes with the special offer?

Answer: Because it is a special offer, with no optional extras. Barcodes are an optional extra. A list of all optional extras can be viewed here

If you require any of these optional extras the special offer will not apply to you.

Question: How much extra is it on top of the £99 special offer, to have all cards embossed?

Answer: This is not possible as the special offer is not available with embossing. Embossing is an optional extra.

Question: Can I have a postal proof with the special offer before placing an order?

Answer: No, the special offer is not available with a postal proof, in additional we do not offer postal proofs without the order being placed and confirmed.

If you have any questions regarding the special offer please post them through this blog and we will respond as soon as we can. Alternatively if you would like to read about the special offer please see here (You can place your order through this web page).

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