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Hello all,

It’s been a busy day again today. It has been hard work today as some customers have been communicating with us via more than one email address and then come to order our plastic cards, so they fill out our online order form but use a completely new email address. It’s very hard to tie things together when this is done! We did however get there in the end!

If you place any orders with us please please please could you use just one email address?! It sooooo much easier for all concerned!

I know that here at Colour Plastic Cards we in the past had loads of email addresses for different departments, however we soon learnt that this just confused our customers. We now just have one email address which is this way everyone knows which email address to use. Its then up to us internally to divide the work, at least this way we have to do the work and the customer does not have to worry about whether their email will go to the correct department.

Bye bye for now

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