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We have had lots of orders for plastic key cards this month. In comparison to the full size plastic cards we have not offered this product for a very long period of time (perhaps just a couple of years now – doesn’t time fly!) however I would say that the keycards as just as popular as the full size plastic cards.

It really is a great product as has lots of potential uses. We typically have shops, garages and clubs using this product. Most people are familiar with this product due to Tesco introducing them for use with the club card scheme. Its funny how many people email/phone asking for a quote for the Tesco key cards, its as if this is now the known name for small plastic cards! We simply refer to them as key cards which measure 29mm x 54mm – we try to keep things simple!

The plastic key cards are particularly used a lot by garages, as when the garages customer have a car serviced etc they can pop one with the key when it is returned to the customer so that they will have the garages contact details for future reference. Our garage customers constantly mention that this has been a great success for them as this has resulted in more repeat customers for them.

We can offer the plastic key cards card with barcodes, numbering, personalisation, metallic gold or silver base cards & metal rings (as optional extras).

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