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plastic cards special offer

Hi all,

We received a quote request / email today which said:

Please could you provide me with a quote for some loyalty cards the specification is:

5000 printed in full colour to both sides

Flat Numbered (not embossed)

2 x Signature strips

and a Magnetic strip – the customer has no data, does this mean they encode the cards themselves?

I just though a would post a quick message about this request, we obviously produce this specification but the final question should be one asked to the customer not us!

We produce cards with magnetic strips all the time, sometimes we encode, sometimes the customer does, sometimes they are never intended to be used & are just for effect and sometimes they are to future proof the cards in case they decide to use them in the future.

Its best to ask the end used what they plan to do as unfortunately we can not second guess this.

Bye for now

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