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Although our website is informative and provides clear prices for our plastic card products and an online quote request form for the full colour solid plastic cards, some customer still wish to talk though there ideas.

This is no problem at all but can be difficult sometimes to get all the required information correctly.

In addition it can be useful to talk over ideas and help the customer to selected the correct product.

An example of when it can be difficult to take details over the phone is in relation to the customers email address. Occasionally human error will creep in and email address is taken down incorrectly. Its a shame when this happens as quite often 10 mins or more have been spent on the phone discussing the options, another few minutes for us to actually put the quote together and then the customer never receives the quote.

I would recommend to all customers who phone for a quote, just to pop a quick email over as well confirming there email address.

Its surprising how long and complicated some email addresses are!

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