Rush plastic card order with issues

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We received a rush order late yesterday for some plastic cards. The customer emailed the artwork over and said a usual it is a rush order.

We are very cautious with rush orders because if issues arise there is precious little (if any) time to fix them but we, as always do our best

The customers artwork was not sent to the correct specification. Our studio advised him of this and then proceeded to fix the issues as quickly as possible (exactly what we do not need with a rush order)

We then emailed a photo-realistic proof to the customer for approval.

He received it and approved it.

Today we received the following email – he approved the email proof on his mobile phone!




Back home and on proper computer now.

I expect it’s too late in the day to do anything about it, but I just noticed on the proof mock-ups you sent over that the black boarder surrounding the front image and the back images appears larger than on the examples I sent through.

I sent through an example multi-image which showed how the cards should look when cut-out, and then individual “master” images where I had cleaned up the boarder and left a touch more bleed.

I just want to check that you are using the master images, and scaling them down in size to match the example cut-out images.

If it’s too late in the day, then don’t worry and I’ll go with what looks like the slightly wider boarder shown in your mock-ups. BUT, if we do have time then may be you could check this for me. (but if you need to fix slightly, please res-down from master files rather than expand the smaller files you may have created in order to preserve the crispness and clarity of the text and images.)

I hope the above makes sense !

Best wishes,

We are now trying to decide what to do with the order as we don’t want to print it and dispatch it to the customer if they won’t be happy with it.

He doesn’t have time for a postal proof due to his deadline which would ensure all is ok with his cards.

Do we proceed with the order or cancel it and refund the customers money in full?

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