Satin black plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

holographic printing on black plastic cards

Wow today the enquiries for satin black plastic cards has been huge. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the great example we posted on the blog the other week or maybe thats just a coincidence. There are so many great ink/foil colours we can offer with this product. My personal preference would be for the metallic silver as this stands out so well and provides a great contrast against the black plastic. I also quite like metallic purple although the contrast against the black is not so prominent.

We can also offer optional extras on this product such as signature panels.

Oh I nearly forgot, we also offer a holoprint foil which is a lovely effect, similar to the back of a CD when it is moved around in the light.

Ah well better get on with some work, we will post any further news or updates on our plastic cards next week.

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