Signature strips on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

black plastic card with watermark and foiling

We can apply signature strips to plastic cards, these provide a useful tool so that members can sign the card. This is a good way for organisations to verify a members identity and also could provide the member a sense of belonging and ownership.

Signature strips are applied to the plastic cards using heat and pressure. This allows them to be written on with a ball point pen.

The signature strips can also be used to write additional useful information on, for example:

Membership number

Membership category

Date of Birth

Expiry date etc

We often refer to the signature strips as “write on panels / signature strips” as it is exactly the same product and material used for both, basically they are one and the same thing.

Customers will quite often have 2 or 3 strips on their cards to space out all the required information. This is fine and most of the time there is no additional cost for this. If you have any particular requirements please run them past us and we will happily provide a quotation.

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