Special offer on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Please don’t waste our time.

Recently we have been having a lot of well, erm, all I can say is time wasters.

Every day we receive lots of requests for photo-realistic proofs or for our free design service on, for example our clear plastic cards, from mainly genuine potential customers.

However, we do get time wasters who enquire about our free design service and our design team then produce a design and email it to them for approval. They then get us to make a number of alterations, which we do promptly and for no charge, then without warning, the person what was previously contacting us, maybe several times a day simple stops contacting us.

We have found it doesn’t matter how many times we email them to politely ask what the situation is, they simply ignore us.

Out of courtesy we would appreciate some sort of reply, even if it is “Please stop contacting me, I no longer want to order the cards”

That is FINE!

At least we know where we stand and can then delete your order/artwork from our system and spend our valuable time focussing on our genuine customers!

argh!!!! rant over!

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