We had to disappoint a repeat customer

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On Wednesday 12th August 2009 a repeat customer made an enquiry for some more plastic cards that were needed for Thursday 10th September 2009.

We provided a quotation and were told that they needed to wait for approval before sending the order over.

On Friday 21st August we contacted the customer regarding their possible order as we were aware of their deadline and were told that they were still waiting for approval and will be in touch asap.

Today, Monday 7th September, the customer has contacted us wanting to proceed with their order.

Unfortunately, due to current high workload (which is always the case this time of year due to lots of schools, colleges and universities starting the new academic year and requiring their plastic cards)

Our unfortunate reply was:

Thanks for your email, I am sorry but we can not meet your deadline.

Realistically we would be looking at approx. 21st September based on your order being placed and paid for today

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you as we are just simply swamped with work.

We could have met the deadline if we had received your order last Monday

Really sorry we cannot help you on this occasion but I do find it is best to be honest

Please just be cautious if you are promised the earth from another plastic card supplier regarding deadline

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