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Plastic cards to help with HIP packs

plastic cards special offer

Recently a few people who work here have been looking to move house and have released what a nightmare the selling process now is.

The Home Information Pack is a little confusing when you first look into it, page and pages of confusing questions!
We have suggested to our estate agents that they should introduce plastic cards with a quick reference guide to help explain what is necessary from the seller.

Also of our existing customer use plastic cards s quick reference guides and hand them out during training events. This is a great idea as they are durable to can be refereed to again and again.

I hope estate agents look in to offering our plastic cards to help people who are new to selling houses.

Cheap plastic cards from china, avoid

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

It’s been a slow week this week, I guess the bank holidays don’t help as a lot of people take holidays around this time of the year.

It was quite upsetting today that we lost a plastic card order to one of our competitors. We had various communications with this customer and we were really quite upset to loose the order. We lost the order on price and unfortunately the customer did not come back to us to see if we could price match. Looking at the costing for this order unfortunately we would not have been able to match the price of this other company who outsources production to China and hence has very low labour rates.

We have considered in the past outsourcing to countries with low labour rates but for a couple of reasons decided not to. Namely, out of loyalty to the UK and lack of control over quality. If all companies had the same loyalty perhaps the economy would be in a slightly better state today. I plead with you all, find out where the products you purchase are produced, lets support this country and hopefully less people will lose there homes and jobs.

We did warn this particular customer to be careful in relation to any optional extras they require. This other company does not offer postal proofs which means any optional extras such as barcodes or magnetic strips can not be tested with scanning machinery before the order is printed. You would be surprised how many customers come back to us after receiving there postal proof needing to make an amendment (for example they realise a HICO magnetic strip is needed instead of a LOCO magnetic strip or the barcode needs a prefix to be recognized by the scanner).

Bye for now & remember if you support UK businesses it also supports you by ensuing the money you spend stays in the UK

Clear plastic cards help for designers

plastic cards special offer

We have recently added information to our artwork specifications page for our clear plastic cards to help people to design the cards. It lists the printing limitations for the clear plastic cards.

The page is only a couple of weeks old and we have already received lots of positive feedback.

All I can say is we are glad that the information we have provided is helping people to design their own cards.

Alternatively, we are able to crate a card design free of charge. All you need to do is email the wording/details you require on the card and pay a £50 deposit and our design studio will create your clear plastic card design and email a photo-realistic proof to you to check.

A slower week for plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

After a busy couple of weeks regarding order quantities for plastic cards and especially the full colour cards, things seem to have slowed down this week.

Perhaps the nice whether means a lot of people are taking holidays and long weekends, and who blames them! Think I may do this myself this weekend 🙂

We hope that any plastic cards order have helped to promote your business over this recession and difficult time. We are proud to offer professional cards and we hope you are as proud, if not more so to hand them out.

Good luck to everyone in these hard times.

Bureau personalisation on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

It has been my colleagues jobs to look through the order history for our bureau personlisation jobs recently (this is where we print the base artwork onto a full colour solid plastic cards and hold them in stock for customer to call off when new members join).

It is amazing that we have quite a number of customers who have plastic cards in stock yet have not called them off from there stock for over 12 months,

We have decided to politely enquiry as to whether they still need them as unfortunately our storage space is not endless.

If the cards are no longer require we will securely destroy them.

Alternatively if they are still require we will hold them for a further 6 months. If they are not required within this time we will contact the customer again and ask if they requirement them destroying or posting to them.

I do not envy my colleague having this job as it is quite time consuming!

Another happy plastic cards customer

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

We received a nice email from a customer who ordered 1000 x 420 micron full colour plastic cards with a hole punched in the corner of them.

The customer provided us with a little bit of a tight deadline as the full order needed dispatching in 4 working days.

The cards were dispatched on time and we received the following email from the customer:

“Received cards yesterday.

Very happy with service and product!
Thank you very much.”

Its nice when our efforts are appreciated, so thank you to this customer for there email which was very much appreciated.

Catch you all soon.

Yet another happy plastic card customer

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We have a repeat customer who regularly places orders for full colour plastic cards. They always have barcodes and numbering as it’s for a loyalty card scheme.

Anyhow they needed this order really really quickly, it was hard to turn the order around in the time frame give however we managed it.

I am glad we did as it is always great when repeat customers are happy & hopefully the plastic cards helped to present a professional image at the event they were required for.

The customer emailed to say thanks –

“Thanks for the cards, they look great :-)”

Best Wishes”

As always it’s nice to receive positive feedback.

Bye for now

A plastic card order that went wrong

plastic cards special offer

We had an order for full colour solid plastic cards recently which did not go quite to plan.

The order was for a relatively small quantity of 250 plastic cards with white signature panels/write on strips.

We sent out a postal proof as always which was approved and proceed to print the full order. This all appeared to go to plan however on receipt of the order the customer noticed a glitch with the cards. It appeared that the cards had been accidentally over printed with another companies website address. The staff member in our bureau office must have got carried away.

Luckily the customer was very understanding, as after all, mistakes do happen & he obviously realised this. Thank you for your understanding if you are reading this.

We re-printed the cards and dispatched the replacements within one working day. The customer on receipt of the replacement cards emailed to say:

” Very many thanks for getting the new cards done so quickly… & for adding some extras, too: we really appreciate that. I did get them on Wednesday, but I’ve had manic days since & omitted to confirm receipt – apologies.”

We are sorry that the mistake happened in the first place and have put measures in place to ensure the same mistake is not made again. Its nice that a positive outcome has arisen from this mistake.

Ta ta for now

A rush order of plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

A repeat customer who places regular orders for frosted plastic cards with three ink colours got in touch last week, as they urgently required some cards for an event.

The order was for the total quantity of 1250 cards but split between 3 different names/designs.

As this order involved different names and therefore different printing plates the pressure was really on with this order.

Luckily we managed to juggle things around a little and managed to dispatch with time to spare,

The customer comments are as follows:

“The business cards have arrived a whole day early and they look fantastic,
thank you very much.”

We managed to dispatch this order in three working days.

I can’t promise that this turn around time will always be achievable however if you need your plastic cards in a rush please contact is and we will try our best for you.