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Plastic cards and the spring time rush

plastic cards special offer

Spring is nearly here, the nights are getting lighter and daffodils starting to emerge & its time for spring cleaning.

I guess it would also be a good time of any customers with membership schemes to have a spring clean as well, a few tips would be to:

Have a look at existing membership cards to see if they need an update you could run a member competition for them to design the new cards and offer a prize, this is a great way to make members feel included and help if you are struggling with design ideas alternatively you could take a look at our card examples on our website for inspiration.

You could consider implementing a tracking system to monitor member activity which could provide vital information to a club in terms of retention and member movement (barcodes or magnetic strips could help you with this) depending on when your membership year runs it may be time to ask member if they are renewing, bear in mind that people are still struggling financially so you may want to consider incentives such as renew for 12 months and get one month free or a free gift.

If any readers of this have any further ideas for fellow organisations please feel free to add them to this blog.

Plastic cards – check the artwork

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We have a customer at the moment who submitted terrible artwork for the full colour cards, he received his postal proof and was not happy with a number of things. My colleague very kindly agreed to wrestle with this artwork, free of charge and sent a photo-realistic proof over by email for him to approve prior to production of his 2nd postal proof.

He approved this email proof so we started production on the 2nd postal proof however the very next day the customer contacts us saying there is a typing mistake which our spell check department had not picked it up. My colleague was a little upset by this as it had taken him a long time to sort this customers artwork out and obviously he did not even bother to check the email proof properly. We do not have a spell check department, as a lot of our customers provide there own artwork (as this customer did!).

We are currently in the process of stopping production of the 2nd postal proof and yet again for no cost changing the customers own artwork.

I am not sure what the moral of this story should be, it could be for us not to fix customers artwork, make customers wait for 24 hours to approve an email proof, don’t bother at all the email proofs as they are not checked properly! Or should we just put this down as experience and try to to taint every customer with the same brush. Personally I think the latter is the best option however it is difficult!

Please please please, if you are placing an order with us, could you double and triple check all email proofs before approving them. Thank you!

Bye for now

Plastic cards special offer still on

plastic cards special offer


Wanted to post a quick blog to remind you all that our special offer for 100 or 200 full colour solid plastic cards are still available.

The offer is very cost effective especially as it is applicable to our thickness solid plastic card which is 760 microns in thickness.

You can order the thinner 420 micron if you want however there is no price difference, a lot of customer have ordered the 760 micron as they give a more professional image to the end user (even after initially enquiring about the 420 micron or the 680 micron come to think).

I can confirm that we will honour this offer until at least the end of May however no guarantees after this date.

Bye for now

Plastic cards help with the recession

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

A taxi company placed an order with us today for priority cards, when I spoke to the customer on the phone she mentioned that the cards are being used to try and get some more business in as the recession seems to now be affecting them.

We deal with various different membership, loyalty, discount cards etc day in day out so have a lot of experience in this area. I agreed with the lady I spoke to, we have found a lot of people not only ordering these cards not re-ordering them at a later date which shows that there is a benefit to them.

It is such a good idea to to use our full colour solid plastic cards to try and promote a business, offering a small discount or VIP perks really does member a member or in the above case customer feel valued.

Bye for now

Plastic cards with personalisation

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We have had a few orders for full colour solid plastic cards with personlisation recently.

In case you are not aware of what this means it is when the customers provides an excel file of variable data to be printed on the cards. Typically this will be a name and membership number but it can be pretty much anything the customer required. The only limit to the personlisation is the amount of text but if it physically fits on the cards we can print it on.

It is surprising how many customers don’t realise that we actually need the excel file when the order is placed. We load the excel file on to the printing plate when the order is placed so that the postal proofs are provided with the personalisation in place.

Unfortunately we have an order which is ready to proceed but the excel file is not ready and may not be ready for some weeks, which is a shame that the customer has concentrated so much on the artwork but does not have the variable data ready. We will obviously ensure the postal proof is dispatched asap for the customer on receipt of the excel file.

Bye for now.

Plastic Business Card – Special Offer

plastic cards special offer


I have great pleasure in announcing a special offer we are currently offering (as of August 2009).

The offer is in relation to our full colour solid plastic cards 760 micron thickness. Prices are as follows:

100 x cards = £97 + VAT

250 x cards = £99 +VAT

Please note: This offer is not available with any optional extras or with a postal proof.

More details on this great offer can be found here

To quality for this special offer all you need to do is email over you finish print ready artwork to the following specifications found here & quote special06 in the subject box/email.

Catch you soon

Plastic cards bureau personalisation

plastic cards special offer

Hi All.

I have posted a blog recently regarding the bureau personalisation service new webpages. Another addition we have made is a tailored quote form for this service.

If you need a quote for this service we now have a new quote form specifically tailored , please see details here

This quote form specifically mentioned the optional extras that are available with the service, namely,

Signature strips

Metallic gold or silver base cards

Magnetic strips(specifically without encoding)

At this point in time I am afraid that we can not encode the magnetic strips.

The form also asks the customer to clarify how often they wish to submit an excel file and approximately how many new members will be included in the excel file. This enables us to provide a tailors quotation for the customer based on there needs.

We hope that the new quote form helps to make quote requests for this products easier.

Bye for now.

Special offer on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

I recently posted blog about our special offer for the 760 micron full colour solid plastic cards.

We have received a large volume of telephone call regarding this offer and people are just asking whether the price is correct. Obviously the offer is a great one and I don’t think people can believe there eyes!

I can confirm that s of August 2009 the price is correct. There is no need to phone and check if it is valid as for all of August we can honer this price (hopefully for longer as well but we will confirm this at a later date).

All you need to do is email your finished artwork over to us and ensure that you have followed our artwork specifications.

Thanks for you understanding on this matter.

Our plastic cards special offer

plastic cards special offer

Hello All.

Our special offer on the full colour solid plastic cards has definitely interested a lot of people. It really is a great offer and customers can obviously tell this!

Unfortunately a few people have got a little mixed up regarding the offer and seem to think it will include optional extras such as holes or signature strips.

We are sorry but at the moment the special offer does not include any optional extras.

Any optional extras on an order mean that the order takes longer to process and longer to produce. So unfortunately we are unable to offer the special offer prices with optional extras. Some customer have got quite upset over this. We have tried to make the webpage for the special offer clear however if anyone has any suggestions as to how we can take it clearer please do let us know.

We hope you understand & welcome any feedback regarding this area.

We fix technical issues free of charge

plastic cards special offer


A customer emailed for a quote today for 250 full colour solid plastic loyalty cards with a signature strip. They attached to there quote request various low quality logos and photos and asked for a price and feedback regarding there ideas.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer free design advice (other than fixed technical issues when customer send over artwork which has in the main been submitted to the correct specification).

We provided this particular customer a quote which clearly stated that it included artwork however we received an email back saying that it was a lot more expensive that the price quote on our website. If we are to get involved with a customers artwork this takes up a lot of valuable time and resources and hence why an additional charge is payable. Customers may consider the artwork charges expensive but please bear in mind that the equipment, software and designers time are all expensive.

We are obviously more than happy to receive finished print ready artwork from customers, see specifications /here, obviously when this is supplied no artwork charges will apply.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.