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plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

For a long long time we have not taken cheques as payment for plastic card (membership cards, business cards etc) orders due to the inconvenience of them, e.g. take the bank take to clear them, postage time, or lake of postage time i.e. them getting lost in the post, trip to the bank, delay in processing customers order – think you get the message.

I noticed whilst out and about that a lot of companies have stopped accepting cheques, Sainsburys, Tescos and the like.

On the news today it mentioned that cheques will not be scrapped. A rumor was heard a while back that by 2018 they would no longer exist however now they will be around as long as they are in use.

I must admin that about once a year a write a cheque by I’m sure the company I pay could accept bacs if they really wanted to.

Bye for now happy cheque writing!


plastic cards special offer

We have received some lovely emails recently from a customer who has ordered some frosted clear plastic cards, just one of his emails are below:

Wow! It’s fabulous! I have checked it, and it is fine. The text is fine, the QR code scans fine. All is great! 🙂

Just to be clear, I approve the email proof and please proceed with the order.

I say again, Wow!

I am very, very impressed 🙂

All the best,

What a breath of fresh air to receive such a lovely email. Thank you.

Burns night

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

In case your not aware its burns night tonight. Most will know that this is typically a Scottish celebration but hey ho any excuse for a celebration e.g. it seems to have spread from just Scotland to further afield now.

Robert burns in case you don’t know was a poet (focusing on the working man) who snuffed it in 1796, I am stating the obvious here but he was…you guessed it…Scottish. He died of a heart condition.

Surprisingly we have printed some burns night invitations which is a first for us. The customer who ordered these tells me that the night involves drinking whisky, reading poems, eating haggis, singing – sounds like fun, we wish you an enjoyable evening.

Have a look on the internet for some of his poems, they are interesting to read.

Happy burns night to you all, Scottish or not 🙂

Director of communications

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I’ve had a rumor that a new director of communications is required for our government, I think I will send in the post a plastic business card to see if I will be invited to send in my CV. Look at all these wonderful blogs I write, surely I must have a chance?!

What qualities do you feel out director of communications should have, erm..well perhaps a few of the following:

An ability to communicate well with all levels of people

Fine qualifications to ensure good education

What is appropriate to communicate and to who e.g imagine someone who did not know when to keep quiet and the Times getting hold of a juicy story which was meant to be kept private

Someone would can keep calm in even the most stressful situation

Ok, I think I have ruled me out but I’ve still got some posh plastic business cards if anyone wants to see them?!

A happy customer said thanks today

plastic cards special offer

I received a lovely phone call today from a customer called Barry. Barry ordered our full colour solid plastic cards for a first aid / health and safety card.

The order was for 100 x 760 micron plastic cards with the special offer price which has now expired (see previous blog on the new special offer!)

Barry phoned to say thank you for the cards and that he was very pleased with them.

Thank you in return Barry, its always very much appreciated when people take the time out of their day to contact us with feedback.

Wishing you all the best.

Funny old weather

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

What is going on with the weather at the moment, one minute it feels like a summers day at 12 degrees (well feels like summer in comparison to the minus 14 we have had anyway!) next thing I’m waking up to a icy car windscreen and frosty grass. The poor plants in the garden will be getting confused.

At least you can use your plastic business cards for scraping ice off your windscreen for a little longer, we believe in added value you know!

I’ve heard rumors that some areas will have snow this week. If you get any snow pop us a post back to let us know where you are or better still send a photo of a snowman you have built!

Can’t want for the spring 🙂

Bye for now

Cash machine mix up

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Did you hear about the hole in the wall which decided to eject free money to users. When someone asked for £10 it gave £20, probably more likely they asked for £500 and got £1000! The machine is or more likely was used by Bank Machine Ltd. I’m guessing it has been put in to retirement now!

It happened in Dundee in Scotland. Coincidentally a repeat customer phone up just a few minutes after I read this article and mentioned that they were there when this happened, they did not have any bank cards with them so could not benefit from the error.

The bank much have records of who withdrew cash and be able to contact them to ask for it back? Really not sure what happens in these circumstances, if you know please tell us?

Anyhow the repeat customer who phoned up wanted full colour solid plastic cards which looked similar to bank cards, they are actually for use as a business card but they are in the baking industry and thought they may go down well with colleagues / in meetings. We happily obliged.

Bye for now

The economy

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

It has been greatly reported in the news that the UK economy has decreased by .5% when a growth percentage was expected.

Well I’m no economist but the VAT rise is / has affected people views on spending, if the government want people to spent why increase the VAT rate!

We have encountered a small growth in the number of enquiries for plastic membership cards, I’ve probably said this on a few occasions before and will most probably say again – membership cards are a positive way to ensure a member feels valued or even better a discount card offer 5% or more off products/services valid until xxx to try and encourage cash flow.

I wish you all the very best of success in these uncertain times, if you feel any of our products will help your business please get in touch.

Bye for now

Plastic cards, avoid ones made in China

plastic cards special offer

I posted a blog recently about a customer who was contemplating ordering with a company who produces there cards in China. Well they are indeed very glad that they decided to order with us!

There order was for a calendar card on a full colour solid plastic 760 micron plastic. Well we went through the usual route of email proof and then postal proof, on reviewing the postal proof the customer realised that one of the months had two dates missing from it!

The customer submitted new artwork and we are currently in the process of producing the second postal proof.

If this customer had ordered with the company who produces cards in China they would be stuck with 250 cards all with a calander on which they could not use as it was incorrect.

Order your full colour solid plastic cards with us and receive a proofing system which includes a double check proofing system e.g. the postal proof.

It really is amazing how many customers submit there own artwork. approve the email proof, receive the postal proof and then and only then realise there is a mistake!

Makes do happen by the best of us, we at Colour Plastic Cards just try to eliminate the chance of mistakes as much as possible for you.

Special offer on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Please don’t waste our time.

Recently we have been having a lot of well, erm, all I can say is time wasters.

Every day we receive lots of requests for photo-realistic proofs or for our free design service on, for example our clear plastic cards, from mainly genuine potential customers.

However, we do get time wasters who enquire about our free design service and our design team then produce a design and email it to them for approval. They then get us to make a number of alterations, which we do promptly and for no charge, then without warning, the person what was previously contacting us, maybe several times a day simple stops contacting us.

We have found it doesn’t matter how many times we email them to politely ask what the situation is, they simply ignore us.

Out of courtesy we would appreciate some sort of reply, even if it is “Please stop contacting me, I no longer want to order the cards”

That is FINE!

At least we know where we stand and can then delete your order/artwork from our system and spend our valuable time focussing on our genuine customers!

argh!!!! rant over!