Good business cards – avoid low quality

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

It’s one thing for us to produce good business cards and plastic cards but if the artwork supplied by the customer isn’t to the correct specification, then problems will arise.

We have in the last couple of months adopted a new approach to customer supplied artwork (predominantly for the full colour solid plastic cards).

On receipt all artwork is received to ensure it is technically ok to print.

If a customer supplies artwork which is nearly to the correct specification but needs small alterations we will make the alterations for the customer free of charge.

We will of course inform the customer that the artwork is not to the correct specification and ask that if any future artwork is submitted it is sent to us in the correct format.

We may occasionally ask for a deposit if extensive work is involved.

A lot of companies will accept any artwork files, even if they are technically not set up correctly and just print straight from them them resulting in the end result being less than desirable. We like to ensure that our customers are hippy with there cards and hence why we provide detailed artwork specifications and when necessary will reject artwork if the design team feels the quality of the end product will suffer. We do not reject artwork for the fun of it, we do it for the customers own benefit (some customer do not seem to realise this!).

We hope that our customer appreciate the help we provide.

Plastic cards bureau personalisation

plastic cards special offer

Hi All.

I have posted a blog recently regarding the bureau personalisation service new webpages. Another addition we have made is a tailored quote form for this service.

If you need a quote for this service we now have a new quote form specifically tailored , please see details here

This quote form specifically mentioned the optional extras that are available with the service, namely,

Signature strips

Metallic gold or silver base cards

Magnetic strips(specifically without encoding)

At this point in time I am afraid that we can not encode the magnetic strips.

The form also asks the customer to clarify how often they wish to submit an excel file and approximately how many new members will be included in the excel file. This enables us to provide a tailors quotation for the customer based on there needs.

We hope that the new quote form helps to make quote requests for this products easier.

Bye for now.

Special offer on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

I recently posted blog about our special offer for the 760 micron full colour solid plastic cards.

We have received a large volume of telephone call regarding this offer and people are just asking whether the price is correct. Obviously the offer is a great one and I don’t think people can believe there eyes!

I can confirm that s of August 2009 the price is correct. There is no need to phone and check if it is valid as for all of August we can honer this price (hopefully for longer as well but we will confirm this at a later date).

All you need to do is email your finished artwork over to us and ensure that you have followed our artwork specifications.

Thanks for you understanding on this matter.

Our plastic cards special offer

plastic cards special offer

Hello All.

Our special offer on the full colour solid plastic cards has definitely interested a lot of people. It really is a great offer and customers can obviously tell this!

Unfortunately a few people have got a little mixed up regarding the offer and seem to think it will include optional extras such as holes or signature strips.

We are sorry but at the moment the special offer does not include any optional extras.

Any optional extras on an order mean that the order takes longer to process and longer to produce. So unfortunately we are unable to offer the special offer prices with optional extras. Some customer have got quite upset over this. We have tried to make the webpage for the special offer clear however if anyone has any suggestions as to how we can take it clearer please do let us know.

We hope you understand & welcome any feedback regarding this area.

We fix technical issues free of charge

plastic cards special offer


A customer emailed for a quote today for 250 full colour solid plastic loyalty cards with a signature strip. They attached to there quote request various low quality logos and photos and asked for a price and feedback regarding there ideas.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer free design advice (other than fixed technical issues when customer send over artwork which has in the main been submitted to the correct specification).

We provided this particular customer a quote which clearly stated that it included artwork however we received an email back saying that it was a lot more expensive that the price quote on our website. If we are to get involved with a customers artwork this takes up a lot of valuable time and resources and hence why an additional charge is payable. Customers may consider the artwork charges expensive but please bear in mind that the equipment, software and designers time are all expensive.

We are obviously more than happy to receive finished print ready artwork from customers, see specifications /here, obviously when this is supplied no artwork charges will apply.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Plastic cards with optional extras

plastic cards special offer

We produce plastic cards that have various optional extras.

The picture below is taken from our website which illustrates the various options available.

We are going to update our website shortly to include information about each extra as we have found that customers are often confused on ‘how they work’ often we get ask how a signature strip works.

We hope to make these updates within the next few weeks.

A beautiful black plastic card

plastic cards special offer

We recently printed a black plastic card with a large gloss black pattern in the background.

When we received the artwork from the customer, we thought it would look good when printed but not this good!

The gloss black ink when printed on a satin black plastic card gives a very subtle watermark type effect. It can be seen more clearly as the card is angled in the light.

Plastic cards, some crafty people

plastic cards special offer

We are still amazed by the number of people that try to get free postal proofs from us by claiming that it will lead to a big order. We have heard this story so many times over the years.

We had a customer try to do this today (a Manchester based Design company) and didn’t want to make an order – just wanted a postal proof (finished plastic card).

Customer got rather stroppy and got on his ‘high horse’ and next thing started complaining about everything (its amazing what people do when they simply don’t want to pay)

They were speaking to a member of our staff (Catherine) by asking half a dozen or so questions but never allowing Catherine to answer any. When Catherine could finally get a word in edge ways she said “I would like to answer your questions but you wont let me speak, how would you like me to help you?”

The customer then emailed to say our staff are rude!

We simply deleted his email and proceeded to concentrate on our many many other, polite and respectful customers.

This kind of ‘customer’ we can all do without!

We had to disappoint a repeat customer

plastic cards special offer

On Wednesday 12th August 2009 a repeat customer made an enquiry for some more plastic cards that were needed for Thursday 10th September 2009.

We provided a quotation and were told that they needed to wait for approval before sending the order over.

On Friday 21st August we contacted the customer regarding their possible order as we were aware of their deadline and were told that they were still waiting for approval and will be in touch asap.

Today, Monday 7th September, the customer has contacted us wanting to proceed with their order.

Unfortunately, due to current high workload (which is always the case this time of year due to lots of schools, colleges and universities starting the new academic year and requiring their plastic cards)

Our unfortunate reply was:

Thanks for your email, I am sorry but we can not meet your deadline.

Realistically we would be looking at approx. 21st September based on your order being placed and paid for today

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you as we are just simply swamped with work.

We could have met the deadline if we had received your order last Monday

Really sorry we cannot help you on this occasion but I do find it is best to be honest

Please just be cautious if you are promised the earth from another plastic card supplier regarding deadline

Delivery of plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

With all the snow around the UK at the moment it is causing problems with deliveries of some plastic cards orders for some customers, especially those in more remote areas where the roads have not been gritted at all. It is very disheartening for us as we always put 100% effort into every order to ensure it is printed to high quality and on time but we are always at the mercy of the courier companies when it comes to delivering the plastic cards order on time.