Another thanks for a plastic card order

plastic cards special offer

We have a customer who ordered 250 x 420 micron full colour solid plastic cards with no optional extras and a matt finish. Unfortunately the first postal proof was no quite right for the customer as the colours needed adjusting. New artwork was submitted and we produced the 2nd postal proof. This was fine for the customer and we produced the full order. The customer sent us a nice email:

“Wow, now that’s what I call fast service! Cards are here and spot on too. I wasn’t expecting them until well, next week really.

Great stuff! I’m definitely one very satisfied customer! Thanks”

As always we appreciate any feedback. Bye for now.

Plastic cards personalisation service

plastic cards special offer

For our full colour plastic cards, we offer a bureau personalisation service.

This service enables customers to have plastic cards personalised with customers/members details as and when required.

So, for example, a golf club could order 1,000 plastic membership cards. We would hold the plastic cards in stock for them once they have been printed. Then maybe once a week, the customer will email an excel document to us which contains the details to be printed on the cards of the new members, for example:

– The members name

– The type of membership, full, junior etc.

– The members membership number

– The expiry date.

Once we have received the customers excel file, we will overprint the personalised details onto the cards and dispatch them within 3 working days.

This service is also useful if a member loses their card, their details can be submitted to us as normal when new cards are ordered.

Plastic cards, our honest approach

plastic cards special offer

When you order your plastic business cards from us, you can rest assured that you will receive 1st class service and high quality plastic cards.

We have a no nonsense, honest approach to all customers, we wont lie to you about what deadline we can achieve to win your order. If we are unable to meet your deadline, we will tell you this, even if it means we don’t get your order. Unfortunately, this often results in potential customers placing their order elsewhere, with a company that will tell you what you want to hear (just to get you money) only to leave you disappointed when they fail to deliver on time.

Remember, A promise means nothing – until it is delivered!

Another nice email for plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Just received a nice email from a customer regarding an order which was placed for the full colour solid plastic cards and though I would share it with you:

“This email is to confirm that my order has been received & everything is 100% correct as i requested, quantity & accurate .

We do thank you for the services you have provided we are very happy for that and we look forward to do business with you.”
Thanks for your kind comments, they are most welcome 🙂

Bye for now.

Personalisation on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I am sure you are aware of our bureau personlisation service by now. Just in case you are not this service is where we print the base card/design and hold them in our bureau office for you to call off with new membership details when you require them. For more information please take a look at the new webpages here

Well, I just wanted to let you know that the webpages for this service have been updated.

We hope that you find them a lot easier to navigate and understand now.

However if you feel anything is not clear or if you just have a general enquiry regarding the bureau personalization service just let us know.

The bureau personalisation service really is a great way to ensure you members feel valued and appreciated.

Bye for now

Plastic cards to help with HIP packs

plastic cards special offer

Recently a few people who work here have been looking to move house and have released what a nightmare the selling process now is.

The Home Information Pack is a little confusing when you first look into it, page and pages of confusing questions!
We have suggested to our estate agents that they should introduce plastic cards with a quick reference guide to help explain what is necessary from the seller.

Also of our existing customer use plastic cards s quick reference guides and hand them out during training events. This is a great idea as they are durable to can be refereed to again and again.

I hope estate agents look in to offering our plastic cards to help people who are new to selling houses.

Cheap plastic cards from china, avoid

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

It’s been a slow week this week, I guess the bank holidays don’t help as a lot of people take holidays around this time of the year.

It was quite upsetting today that we lost a plastic card order to one of our competitors. We had various communications with this customer and we were really quite upset to loose the order. We lost the order on price and unfortunately the customer did not come back to us to see if we could price match. Looking at the costing for this order unfortunately we would not have been able to match the price of this other company who outsources production to China and hence has very low labour rates.

We have considered in the past outsourcing to countries with low labour rates but for a couple of reasons decided not to. Namely, out of loyalty to the UK and lack of control over quality. If all companies had the same loyalty perhaps the economy would be in a slightly better state today. I plead with you all, find out where the products you purchase are produced, lets support this country and hopefully less people will lose there homes and jobs.

We did warn this particular customer to be careful in relation to any optional extras they require. This other company does not offer postal proofs which means any optional extras such as barcodes or magnetic strips can not be tested with scanning machinery before the order is printed. You would be surprised how many customers come back to us after receiving there postal proof needing to make an amendment (for example they realise a HICO magnetic strip is needed instead of a LOCO magnetic strip or the barcode needs a prefix to be recognized by the scanner).

Bye for now & remember if you support UK businesses it also supports you by ensuing the money you spend stays in the UK

Frosted clear plastic cards, new name

plastic cards special offer

We have produced frosted plastic cards for many years and we have always called them frosted cards. However recently we have started to also call them clear cards, frosted clear cards and even translucent cards as this is what some our of competitors call them and customers often get confused thinking they are all different products. So don’t worry if you see description on name changes on our website, the cards are still the same but we are changing the name to help our customers.

Likewise, our satin black plastic cards are sometimes called matt black plastic cards, they are both the same think. Basically they are a black plastic card with a non-glossy finish. You could argue all day whether it is a matt or a satin finish we just choose to call them satin but we will also be referring to them as matt to help customers.

Clear plastic cards help for designers

plastic cards special offer

We have recently added information to our artwork specifications page for our clear plastic cards to help people to design the cards. It lists the printing limitations for the clear plastic cards.

The page is only a couple of weeks old and we have already received lots of positive feedback.

All I can say is we are glad that the information we have provided is helping people to design their own cards.

Alternatively, we are able to crate a card design free of charge. All you need to do is email the wording/details you require on the card and pay a £50 deposit and our design studio will create your clear plastic card design and email a photo-realistic proof to you to check.