Deposit enquiry

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

The following message was presented to us at the bottom of a quote request for 100 x 760 micron full colour solid plastic cards with no optional extras:

“I am looking for a 1 sided plastic card in black and white including my logo which is in jpeg photo format at present and personal details in cool text. is this possible to design and show me the design before I order. I would be happy to pay a deposit and then order if i am satisfied.”

Not really sure what to say back yet, we make so little profit on 100 cards that the admin costs to arrange deposits etc would outweigh the profit in the job.

Will have to have a think about this one.

Bye for now.

3D printed business cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We reading the newspaper today and came across an interesting article which I thought I would share with you all.

Have you heard of 3d printers, apparently they are very common and help in the production of metal and plastic products, I assume packaging, toys, well probably just about anything if you think about it.

One of these machines how now been designed for chocolate….my favourite!

This machine would be great for wedding favours or personlised gifts on birthdays / mothers days etc. Apparently it will even be able to make 3d faces…different!

How about 3d business cards…erm..perhaps would they fit in a wallet or purse.

Bye for now and hope you are looking forward to eating your own chocolate face.


plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

For a long long time we have not taken cheques as payment for plastic card (membership cards, business cards etc) orders due to the inconvenience of them, e.g. take the bank take to clear them, postage time, or lake of postage time i.e. them getting lost in the post, trip to the bank, delay in processing customers order – think you get the message.

I noticed whilst out and about that a lot of companies have stopped accepting cheques, Sainsburys, Tescos and the like.

On the news today it mentioned that cheques will not be scrapped. A rumor was heard a while back that by 2018 they would no longer exist however now they will be around as long as they are in use.

I must admin that about once a year a write a cheque by I’m sure the company I pay could accept bacs if they really wanted to.

Bye for now happy cheque writing!

I absolutely cannot believe it!

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Last week we had a absolute nightmare, despite waiting for payment for an order of 8000 760 microns thick membership cards with a matt finish for approx 3 weeks the customer comes on saying we will have payment in about 3 working days and can they have delivery in two working days guaranteed! erm short answer is no, not enough time.

We did out best to assist and really pulled out all the stops, this was probably the mot stressful order this year to date.

It was also very difficult as more than one person was contacting us in regards to the order.

Any how we finally got there and I emailed over the order confirmation letting them know it has gone to print and now changes were not possible.

To my absolute amazement this evening we received an email saying:

Can you hold off on this order if not already started. We need to add another line of text. Please confirm this instruction. Revised text will be sent tomorrow.

Not only was this email from yet another new person, we had already said no changes are possible and they even replied to the email saying this!

Sometimes, some orders are more problematic and take up more administration time than the previous 500 orders … this is one of them!

I will be so glad when this order is dispatched.

Bye for now.

Demand for frosted business cards

plastic cards special offer


Over the last few months demand for our frosted clear plastic cards has gone mad – so mad that we are struggling to cope.

New machinery has been ordered which should be here in October/November 2011 which will enable us to meet the demand.

The demand for our frosted clear plastic cards has always been high and has increased steadily over the years which is great but the recent surge was not expected but most welcome.

Plastic card delivery

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

A polite request, please do not order items from us if you are never in to receive delivery of them!

It’s a common sense request however we have had no end of trouble recently regarding an order of frosted plastic cards.

We dispatch the order on the 12th July and after a lot of attempted deliveries by the courier they are now on there way back to us as the courier can not deliver them.

I will have to spend some time tomorrow contacting the courier to see where they are as really they should have been back with us days ago. I really hope they have not been lost.

I am very worried at the condition the cards will be in, after spending nearly a month passed between courier depot and courier van I am expecting the worse.

Fingers crossed they arrive back with us tomorrow and in a good state.

Strangely this customer knows he is hardly ever at the deliver address he provided, so why order them for delivery there!

Bye for now please have your fingers crossed.


plastic cards special offer

We have received some lovely emails recently from a customer who has ordered some frosted clear plastic cards, just one of his emails are below:

Wow! It’s fabulous! I have checked it, and it is fine. The text is fine, the QR code scans fine. All is great! 🙂

Just to be clear, I approve the email proof and please proceed with the order.

I say again, Wow!

I am very, very impressed 🙂

All the best,

What a breath of fresh air to receive such a lovely email. Thank you.

Please find out the full facts

plastic cards special offer

Hi all,

We received a quote request / email today which said:

Please could you provide me with a quote for some loyalty cards the specification is:

5000 printed in full colour to both sides

Flat Numbered (not embossed)

2 x Signature strips

and a Magnetic strip – the customer has no data, does this mean they encode the cards themselves?

I just though a would post a quick message about this request, we obviously produce this specification but the final question should be one asked to the customer not us!

We produce cards with magnetic strips all the time, sometimes we encode, sometimes the customer does, sometimes they are never intended to be used & are just for effect and sometimes they are to future proof the cards in case they decide to use them in the future.

Its best to ask the end used what they plan to do as unfortunately we can not second guess this.

Bye for now

A strange person

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We have had some curious communication from someone recently.

Rather than copying and pasting all the emails I will briefly summarise the correspondence.

The enquiry was for full colour solid plastic cards, specifically requesting Pantone colours and saying how important it is to get the colours right.

We replied saying we do not print with Pantone colours (we print using a CMYK process) and we can not offer colour matching.

The person proceeded to say to go ahead anyway, we assumed they had changed there mind about the colours being important (quite a few customers do this) and proceeded to let him know how to proceed with his order.

We received an email back asking for a free postal proof. We replied saying this is not possible (the postal proofs not to mention the order administration itself obviously take us time and money to produce). This person then phoned up, to go through what had already been discussed via email, they were told the same things again, we do not colour match, we do not print in pantones and we do not offer free postal proofs, the next email we received was even more curious:

“I dont know if you are aware but this lady xxxxx is messing with people big time.

It looks like she doesn’t care about your business, No is her main answer and when I finally speak to her and try to explain what I need she just hung up.Bravo.”

In reply to your email:

1) I am not messing with people big time, I am simply telling you what we can and not not do – this is called honesty. I could fib and promise the world however I am not like this and prefer not to accept your order rather than lie and upset you later down the line.

2) I do indeed care about the business, please refer to answer one above. Perhaps not offering free postal proofs shows how much I care for the business, as I know we can not offer what you want so why waste the companies money by producing one.

3) Regarding my main answer being no, again I know what we can and can not offer, I am just being honest.

4) I did not hang up, the telephone conversation was over and you even said bye. I personally felt the telephone conversation was not constructive as I was just repeating my previous email correspondence (how does this help anyone).

So to conculde, what should we have done in this situation, lied to you, promised you the world and then let you down. Well sorry this just isn’t how we work.

Good luck with other companies, some who will probably fib to you and will frustrate you after you have committed to a order.