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Please supply the full details

plastic cards special offer

Hi all,

We received a quote request / email today which said:

Please could you provide me with a quote for some loyalty cards the specification is:

5000 printed in full colour to both sides

Flat Numbered (not embossed)

2 x Signature strips

and a Magnetic strip – the customer has no data, does this mean they encode the cards themselves?

I just though a would post a quick message about this request, we obviously produce this specification but the final question should be one asked to the customer not us!

We produce cards with magnetic strips all the time, sometimes we encode, sometimes the customer does, sometimes they are never intended to be used & are just for effect and sometimes they are to future proof the cards in case they decide to use them in the future.

Its best to ask the end used what they plan to do as unfortunately we can not second guess this.

Bye for now

An understanding customer

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Oh dear we made a mistake, a repeat customer ordered 500, 760 micron full colour solid plastic cards with a hole punched and by mistake we printed an old version.

We are currently re-printing and have promised the customer we will dispatch asap.

Luckily the customer has been very understanding about the mistake and sent a lovely email:

No problem at all,

Just what you need on a Friday!

Have a great weekend and thanks for your assistance.

Thank you Mr customer so being so understanding, mistakes happen but hopefully we will make up for it with rectifying the problem asap for you.

Problem with order is resolved quickly

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Unfortunately we made a mistake with an order this week, just down to human error. We forgot to add signature panels to an order of full colour solid plastic cards.

We re-printed the order the same day the customer told us about the problem and dispatch on a pre-10am delivery.

I was looking on the couriers website for confirmation of delivery which happened at 9.03am today and then emailed a quick note to the customer to ensure all was ok.

We received a lovely reply which was:

Thanks very much – I’ve received the re-print this morning. All appears to be ok – will get in touch if any problems are spotted.

Your quick turnaround of the re-print is very much appreciated. Have been really impressed with your level of customer service

Thank you very very much to this customer for there understand with this mistake.

Bye for now.

Problem with a satin black plastic card order

plastic cards special offer

Yesterday we had an order being printed and when the 2 shades of green were printed onto the satin black card, you couldn’t tell that they were different shades (a shame when you are paying for a 2 colour order)

Also, the contact details were a little bit too small so they will filling-in when printed.

We emailed the wording below to the customer (the customer phoned up and really complained, was very rude to Catherine who works here and kept saying he doesn’t see what the problem is and that she should stop being facetious (she was not, she was very polite as she always is and tried her best to explain to the customer what the problems were. He also asked Catherine what her position was, she said Company Secretary and he said that he does not normally speak to “people like her”.

This made Catherine very upset after the phone conversation and I told her to have a break for half an hour.

Is there anything wrong with what we said in our email? Could we have worded the email below better?
Please let us know as we want to help and advise customers as best as possible.

Hello Colin,

Please find attached a photograph of one of your plastic cards printed with bright green and light green.

When the 2 colours are printed onto the satin black you can hardly tell the difference.

Also, for the green ink, the contact details are a little too small to print without ‘filling in’

I recommend we adjust the artwork so the contact details are a little bit bigger and may I suggest an alternative colour for the contact details, metallic silver is very popular?

I have attached a proof showing bright green for the logo and metallic silver for the rest of the printing to give you an idea of how it will look.

Please let me know what you think?



A nice customer

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We printed some satin frosted clear plastic cards for a customer which were dispatched on Monday, unfortunately the courier did not play there part and only delivered on Wednesday, when delivery should have been on Tuesday. Any how the customer understood that this was out of out control and sent a lovely email to us:

Dear Catherine,

Just to let you know the business cards have just arrived. I am very pleased with the product and would like to thank you and your colleagues.

Highest regards and best wishes,

Thank you to this customer, much appreciated 🙂

Burns night

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

In case your not aware its burns night tonight. Most will know that this is typically a Scottish celebration but hey ho any excuse for a celebration e.g. it seems to have spread from just Scotland to further afield now.

Robert burns in case you don’t know was a poet (focusing on the working man) who snuffed it in 1796, I am stating the obvious here but he was…you guessed it…Scottish. He died of a heart condition.

Surprisingly we have printed some burns night invitations which is a first for us. The customer who ordered these tells me that the night involves drinking whisky, reading poems, eating haggis, singing – sounds like fun, we wish you an enjoyable evening.

Have a look on the internet for some of his poems, they are interesting to read.

Happy burns night to you all, Scottish or not 🙂

Plastic cards, your questions answered

plastic cards special offer


I thought I would start this blog as a lot of customers are asking questions about the special offer for our full colour solid plastic cards.

The point of the special offer is to provide our customers with a cost effective, high quality product for a very very good price. The reason we are doing this is to promote fast, easy to process orders for the company.

Recently we have found a lot of people contact us, not mentioning they are interested in the special offer, asking questions, we provide quotes etc and then they say “oh I’ve seen your special offer would this apply to me”. This really isn’t the idea. The special offer is meant to be quick and efficient for both of us. The website clearly explains what the deal is!

Examples of recent questions are:

Question: Can you provide me with a template for a calendar?

Answer: No you are to provide us with print ready artwork

Question: What is wrong with my artwork?

Answer: We have clearly provided artwork specifications & unfortunately are unable to provide technical guidance

Question: Can you check my artwork before it is submitted?

Answer: No sorry, we do not have any margin in this offer to offer this service however after placing your order if your artwork is not to the correct specification we will inform you of this and ask you to re-submit it.

Question: Is the special offer the same quality / thickness as you quoted me for originally?

Answer: Sorry not sure please check your original quote

Question: Can I have barcodes?

Answer: No sorry

Further questions:

You are very inflexible, why can we not have barcodes with the special offer?

Answer: Because it is a special offer, with no optional extras. Barcodes are an optional extra. A list of all optional extras can be viewed here

If you require any of these optional extras the special offer will not apply to you.

Question: How much extra is it on top of the £99 special offer, to have all cards embossed?

Answer: This is not possible as the special offer is not available with embossing. Embossing is an optional extra.

Question: Can I have a postal proof with the special offer before placing an order?

Answer: No, the special offer is not available with a postal proof, in additional we do not offer postal proofs without the order being placed and confirmed.

If you have any questions regarding the special offer please post them through this blog and we will respond as soon as we can. Alternatively if you would like to read about the special offer please see here (You can place your order through this web page).

Plastic Cards for the BBC

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Wow the BBC have to cut £46 million pounds from there budget. The BBC say this is due to government cuts but who knows if there is an alternative reason, the sceptic have already started rumors.

A report is due tomorrow, Wed 26th Jan detailing cost cutting measures which will most probably include jobs and programmes. Hope they don’t axe any of my favourites.

We were asked to do some plastic cards for BBC’s top gear this year but in the end they decided to order from somewhere else, probably a Chinese company as they were cheaper but don’t get me started on that topic again as I’ve done it to the death I think the plastic cards were for use as VIP invitations … maybe all the VIP’s decided to stay at home! Personally I like top gear so hope that one is to stay – fingers crossed.

Director of communications

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I’ve had a rumor that a new director of communications is required for our government, I think I will send in the post a plastic business card to see if I will be invited to send in my CV. Look at all these wonderful blogs I write, surely I must have a chance?!

What qualities do you feel out director of communications should have, erm..well perhaps a few of the following:

An ability to communicate well with all levels of people

Fine qualifications to ensure good education

What is appropriate to communicate and to who e.g imagine someone who did not know when to keep quiet and the Times getting hold of a juicy story which was meant to be kept private

Someone would can keep calm in even the most stressful situation

Ok, I think I have ruled me out but I’ve still got some posh plastic business cards if anyone wants to see them?!

Another happy customer with their plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We received a nice email from a customer today:

As per our last order for plastic cards we are very pleased, top quality,great service, very well priced

We replied saying many thanks!

It’s always nice to receive emails like this 🙂

This particular customer ordered our new special offer of 250 x 760 micron plastic cards for the £99 + VAT including delivery to UK mainland. This customer uses the cards for business cards but we do have some customers who use the special offer for loyalty cards.

Bye for now