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Funny old weather

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

What is going on with the weather at the moment, one minute it feels like a summers day at 12 degrees (well feels like summer in comparison to the minus 14 we have had anyway!) next thing I’m waking up to a icy car windscreen and frosty grass. The poor plants in the garden will be getting confused.

At least you can use your plastic business cards for scraping ice off your windscreen for a little longer, we believe in added value you know!

I’ve heard rumors that some areas will have snow this week. If you get any snow pop us a post back to let us know where you are or better still send a photo of a snowman you have built!

Can’t want for the spring 🙂

Bye for now

Durable plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

You have probably seen the clip on either you tube or BBC news now about the lady who was sooooo busy sending a text message from her mobile in a shopping centre that she did not realise an indoor pool / fountain display was in front of her….in case you have not seen this….you guessed it…she tripped over the small wall surrounding this and went head first in to the water!

Bet she is glad all her credit cards are plastic cards as other wise she would not have been able to purchase new DRY clothes from the surrounding shops!

If you haven’t see the clip have a look at BBC news, apparently over one million people have viewed it according to the BBC article however now looks nearer to 2 million!

Next time you are looking to purchase business / membership cards just remember plastic ones are more durable, you never know what is round the corner!

Bye for now!

Cash machine mix up

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Did you hear about the hole in the wall which decided to eject free money to users. When someone asked for £10 it gave £20, probably more likely they asked for £500 and got £1000! The machine is or more likely was used by Bank Machine Ltd. I’m guessing it has been put in to retirement now!

It happened in Dundee in Scotland. Coincidentally a repeat customer phone up just a few minutes after I read this article and mentioned that they were there when this happened, they did not have any bank cards with them so could not benefit from the error.

The bank much have records of who withdrew cash and be able to contact them to ask for it back? Really not sure what happens in these circumstances, if you know please tell us?

Anyhow the repeat customer who phoned up wanted full colour solid plastic cards which looked similar to bank cards, they are actually for use as a business card but they are in the baking industry and thought they may go down well with colleagues / in meetings. We happily obliged.

Bye for now

The economy

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

It has been greatly reported in the news that the UK economy has decreased by .5% when a growth percentage was expected.

Well I’m no economist but the VAT rise is / has affected people views on spending, if the government want people to spent why increase the VAT rate!

We have encountered a small growth in the number of enquiries for plastic membership cards, I’ve probably said this on a few occasions before and will most probably say again – membership cards are a positive way to ensure a member feels valued or even better a discount card offer 5% or more off products/services valid until xxx to try and encourage cash flow.

I wish you all the very best of success in these uncertain times, if you feel any of our products will help your business please get in touch.

Bye for now

Plastic cards – stop production

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I have noticed recently that a few customers have being trying to stop production of there order after approving there postal proof (this relates to the full colour solid plastic cards).

We hate to upset customers however once the postal proof has been approved the order is immediately sent to production and the manufacturing process is started asap. We do make this as clear as possible however not sure what else we can do, any suggestions would be appreciated.

We did consider not sending orders to production immediately on approval by the customer however this obviously is not fair as some customers require the cards asap. Its also surprising the amount of time after approving the postal proof some customers enquire about changing the artwork, this can be days!

Please could we ask all customers to double and triple check both the email and postal proof before approving it.

Many thanks

Plastic cards, black Friday

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

I received a marketing email today from a well known online market retailer which mentioned about deals for black Friday.

I was curious as to what Black Friday is as I have never heard of it before. I found out that in the US this day is traditionally the start of the Xmas shopping period.

The date for Black Friday this year is this Friday!

So now the traditional Christmas shopping time is nearly here, please have another think about you plastic card orders and look to place them well before Christmas.

The frosted and satin black cards take a little longer than the full colour plastic cards to produce, so have a careful ponder about your requirements now before it is too late to order.

Bye for now.

Plastic cards – photo-realistic proofs

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

I was slightly amused and upset today and though I would share this with you.

We, as a company, have spent a long time developing our email proofs to give as much of an impression as we can to creating a photo realistic impression from a computer generated image.

Today we had a customer requiring our satin black plastic cards and we received a reply regarding the email proof saying how ridiculous it was! No explanation of why the customer felt this. After years of developing out proofs we felt a little upset to say the least!

Do you think our proofs are ridiculous and if so why?! Feedback as always is greatly appreciated.

Bye for now.

Plastic business cards – rush orders

plastic cards special offer

Dear oh dear, what a day!

We officially close at 5pm however its gone 6pm and I am still here!

I was specifically waiting for a customer to place an order for full colour solid plastic cards which are desperately needed for next week. It was only a small order of 100 cards but we like to please where we can.

Any how, the artwork came through and it wasn’t…artwork that is. Ok slight exaggeration, we could print from it but the quality was poor, we being an honest company, told the customer the quality was poor and explained that we could use it but asked if it to be re-sent in a higher quality or we could quote to recreate it for them.

The customer seem amused as our website says we fix technical problems free of charge. We do indeed fix technical problems, where we can, but for this artwork to print good quality it needed completely re-creating from scratch, not just fixed!

The customer was not happy to pay any additional cost for our design team to work on HIS artwork and did not want us to use HIS artwork in the quality he had sent it to us in! So end result was…he cancelled the order!

We really do try our best for customers, even for tiny little orders where there is hardly any profit but what could we have done differently in this situation?

Perhaps we should not advise that the artwork is poor quality. If we had done this we would now have the order and I would probably be on my way home. Unfortunately we are HONEST and we just don’t work like this. Unfortunately I think this is why we loose a lot of orders to our competitions, as we are honest where some of them are not!

Ah well, I am off home in 10 minutes.

Can anyone suggest any advice in this situation?

Bye bye

Frosted plastic business cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We received the following enquiry today and through I would share it with you so that you can see the type of enquiry we receive:

“Hi there, I’m looking for some biz cards that are a little different to the norm.

I have a black on white design which I want printed on to clear plastic cards where the top half is completely transparent. I then want a hole put on the side of them and some pink string tied through – basically making a sort of gift tag style biz card.

Can you do that? if so, how much for 250?”

Our response to this enquiry was as follows:

“We offer frosted clear plastic cards however the frosted effect is all over the card we can not leave part of it completely clear. We never recommend completely clear cards or even a section of them clear as they show scratches very very easily and look terrible after a very short period of time.

I also would not recommend having a hole in business cards for two reasons:

1) On the frosted clear card would may see a stress mark around the punch

2) Just a thought – how can people put the cards in their wallets with string attached – just a consideration for you

Would you like a quote for our frosted clear plastic cards? I have attached a picture of the frosted clear cards we offer for your review.”


Currently we are waiting to hear back from the customer but through I would share the kind of enquiry we get with you in relation to our frosted clear plastic cards.

Plastic cards look out for poor quality

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

A customer phoned me today saying that the email proof for our full colour solid plastic cards, that they had received was not very clear, I asked for there contact details and could not see we had sent a proof. I enquired what email address the proof had been sent from and it was not from our company!

I explained that the company who had sent the proof is known for poor quality work and suggested she typed in the company name and word review in to google search and see what she finds!

Shortly after this conversation the order was placed with us. We sent our good quality proof (perhaps i’m a little bias!) and this was approved straight away and we are now in the process of producing the customers postal proof (something this other company did not offer).

Please be careful of low cost plastic cards, actually anything which is low cost. As a general rule of thumb low cost = low quality and you get what you pay for.

Ta ta for now