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A slower week for plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

After a busy couple of weeks regarding order quantities for plastic cards and especially the full colour cards, things seem to have slowed down this week.

Perhaps the nice whether means a lot of people are taking holidays and long weekends, and who blames them! Think I may do this myself this weekend 🙂

We hope that any plastic cards order have helped to promote your business over this recession and difficult time. We are proud to offer professional cards and we hope you are as proud, if not more so to hand them out.

Good luck to everyone in these hard times.

Bureau personalisation on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

It has been my colleagues jobs to look through the order history for our bureau personlisation jobs recently (this is where we print the base artwork onto a full colour solid plastic cards and hold them in stock for customer to call off when new members join).

It is amazing that we have quite a number of customers who have plastic cards in stock yet have not called them off from there stock for over 12 months,

We have decided to politely enquiry as to whether they still need them as unfortunately our storage space is not endless.

If the cards are no longer require we will securely destroy them.

Alternatively if they are still require we will hold them for a further 6 months. If they are not required within this time we will contact the customer again and ask if they requirement them destroying or posting to them.

I do not envy my colleague having this job as it is quite time consuming!

Clear business cards, hot foil printed

plastic cards special offer

Hot foil printing has been around for a long long time however unfortunately the products we offer via this printing method (frosted plastic cards, satin black plastic cards and some metallic plastic cards) are just not selling as well at the moment as they have been in the past.

We have recently discovered that our frosted plastic cards are often referred to by customers as clear business cards or clear plastic cards so we are now calling them this instead.

We have tried different ways to promote these cards including re-designing the web pages, including artwork in the price and just generally promoting them as a professional yet contemporary plastic card. However this has surprisingly not really increased the sales in this area.

We will try our best to think of other ways to promote this excellent product however if anybody out there comes up with any ideas for us, please drop us a line.

Its not a product we are looking to stop selling as we appreciate that customers do want the choice.

Catch you soon

Clear business cards & frosted cards

plastic cards special offer

Since we have started calling our frosted plastic cards, clear plastic cards or clear business cards we have already started to receive more enquiries for them.

We offer free design service for our clear business cards, alternative the customer can supply the artwork if they prefer.

We have made a few tweaks to our website recently to make it easier to navigate and find the information.

One important change we have made to the clear plastic card page is adding the navigation buttons to the top of each page in addition to the bottom.

Examples of business cards

plastic cards special offer

Business card printing is competitive

Although our main business is printing plastic cards, such as our clear plastic cards or full colour plastic cards which are mainly used as loyalty cards or membership cards we also do business card printing.

Almost every business uses business cards, many not in huge volume, for example maybe they order just 250 or 500 cards which will last them for several years.

Some companies however orders 1,000 or more business cards for each employee and as employees leave and new ones arrive, new business cards are required.

On our full colour matt laminated business cards, we offer a free design service.

Business Cards and Membership Cards

plastic cards special offer

We find most of our plastic cards orders are for membership cards or loyalty cards rather than normal business cards.

We can produce business cards / business card printing by offering any of our plastic cards products or our matt laminated business cards (card rather than plastic)

If you are interested in having business cards printed, please get in touch with us.

Another happy plastic cards customer

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

We received a nice email from a customer who ordered 1000 x 420 micron full colour plastic cards with a hole punched in the corner of them.

The customer provided us with a little bit of a tight deadline as the full order needed dispatching in 4 working days.

The cards were dispatched on time and we received the following email from the customer:

“Received cards yesterday.

Very happy with service and product!
Thank you very much.”

Its nice when our efforts are appreciated, so thank you to this customer for there email which was very much appreciated.

Catch you all soon.

Yet another happy plastic card customer

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We have a repeat customer who regularly places orders for full colour plastic cards. They always have barcodes and numbering as it’s for a loyalty card scheme.

Anyhow they needed this order really really quickly, it was hard to turn the order around in the time frame give however we managed it.

I am glad we did as it is always great when repeat customers are happy & hopefully the plastic cards helped to present a professional image at the event they were required for.

The customer emailed to say thanks –

“Thanks for the cards, they look great :-)”

Best Wishes”

As always it’s nice to receive positive feedback.

Bye for now

Membership cards, people are looking

plastic cards special offer

Recently the technical guys here noticed a lot of potential customers were coming to our website home page from Google using keywords such as membership cards or membership card printing but the ‘bounce rate’ was quite high.

This means that potential customers come to our website via the home page but they do not proceed any further to have a look around the website.

So today, our home page has been slightly revamped to be easier on the eye and more to the point about the types of plastic cards that we produce.

Only time will tell how successful this improvement will be.

A plastic card order that went wrong

plastic cards special offer

We had an order for full colour solid plastic cards recently which did not go quite to plan.

The order was for a relatively small quantity of 250 plastic cards with white signature panels/write on strips.

We sent out a postal proof as always which was approved and proceed to print the full order. This all appeared to go to plan however on receipt of the order the customer noticed a glitch with the cards. It appeared that the cards had been accidentally over printed with another companies website address. The staff member in our bureau office must have got carried away.

Luckily the customer was very understanding, as after all, mistakes do happen & he obviously realised this. Thank you for your understanding if you are reading this.

We re-printed the cards and dispatched the replacements within one working day. The customer on receipt of the replacement cards emailed to say:

” Very many thanks for getting the new cards done so quickly… & for adding some extras, too: we really appreciate that. I did get them on Wednesday, but I’ve had manic days since & omitted to confirm receipt – apologies.”

We are sorry that the mistake happened in the first place and have put measures in place to ensure the same mistake is not made again. Its nice that a positive outcome has arisen from this mistake.

Ta ta for now