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A rush order of plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

A repeat customer who places regular orders for frosted plastic cards with three ink colours got in touch last week, as they urgently required some cards for an event.

The order was for the total quantity of 1250 cards but split between 3 different names/designs.

As this order involved different names and therefore different printing plates the pressure was really on with this order.

Luckily we managed to juggle things around a little and managed to dispatch with time to spare,

The customer comments are as follows:

“The business cards have arrived a whole day early and they look fantastic,
thank you very much.”

We managed to dispatch this order in three working days.

I can’t promise that this turn around time will always be achievable however if you need your plastic cards in a rush please contact is and we will try our best for you.

Clear business cards needed quickly

plastic cards special offer

We often have customers asking for frosted clear plastic cards and satin black cards with a very short time period.
The standard turnaround time for this product is 7 to 10 working days.

This time frame builds in time for the printing plates to be ordered, produced and received. This can at worse case scenario take 3 working days.

The timeframe also includes time to actually print the cards and some room for any problems occurring. For example occasionally the printing plates may be damaged in the post / during transit.

We can offer rush order, which may sometime but subject to an additional charge to cover ordering express printing plates and paying staff to work overtime.

I just wanted to very briefly explain why this product does take a little time to produce.

Please contact us if you have any order you need really quickly.

Plastic cards, what are the artwork specs?

plastic cards special offer

We receive artwork in many file formats from both end users who “have had a go” at creating it to the correct specification for plastic cards and also from graphic design companies.

We do find, most of the time that the artwork hasn’t been submitted to the correct specification. When this happens we email the customer saying that this is the case but we will fix it free of charge.

Our artwork specifications can be found here

We have noticed today that one of our competitors now charges a whopping £79 to review your artwork and fix it then send a shoddy pdf proof back to you.

We do not charge a penny for our ‘file reviewing and fixing service and we send a photo-realistic proof to you for approval!

New frosted plastic card pages

plastic cards special offer

I just wanted to post a quick blog about our newly designer frosted plastic cards, satin black plastic cards and metallic plastic cards web pages.

The webpages now detail:

– Our free design service

– Card examples / photographs

– Prices

– Ink colours available

– Artwork specifications – should customers wish to submit there own artwork

These products are printed via hot foil machines. We often find the customers prefer the metallic silver ink on these cards as it looks very professional and a little unusual. The metallic silver ink also has a create contrast, especially when applied to the satin black cards.

I feel that the new web pages are much clearer now.

I hope you all find the new design informative and easy to navigate.

Beware of low quality plastic cards

plastic cards special offer


Recently one of our long term repeat customers found ‘cheaper’ plastic cards from one of our competitors and because of the lower prices they had to order plastic cards from them so they could pass the saving onto their client.

However, today this customer returned to us and said the following:

Hello Paul,

We have been using them at the request of our client and to be totally honest with you they are rubbish, as well as their service. You tend to get what you pay for I guess. However, for this quote their client has already had cards from you (via us) so is used to the higher quality cards that you produce.

I will be providing prices of both companies and letting the customer decide.

Many thanks,


So it does go to show you that lower cost often does also mean a lower quality product with poor service.

Busy day again for plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

More plastic business cards

Its been a busy day again for plastic card enquiries.

An amusing incident happened earlier today. We had a customer phone us earlier chasing delivery of their plastic cards, they did not seem to be able to locate their order number (we provide order numbers to all customer so that we can easily monitor their card order). I then asked for the invoice number however this did not seem to be one of our invoice numbers.

I then asked the company name on the invoice and it turned out they had ordered the plastic cards from elsewhere – much to this persons embarrassment!

This customer had received a quote from us however our price was a little more than another company, so they went with this other company. Speaking to this person a little longer on the phone revealed that they will be ordering the plastic cards from us next time due to failed promises from this other company, there were expecting delivery of their order today however it unfortunately does not look like this will happen and they will not have their plastic cards for an important event tomorrow.

Please remember that, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for & if something seems too good to be true it probably is!

Colour Plastic Cards offer a honest yet quality service and product.

Help with membership cards

plastic cards special offer

selection of clear plastic business cards

A potential customer contacted us yesterday (Tuesday) as they had been let down by another printing company for their membership cards. I don’t want to mention the other companies name as it seems a little unfair however they are a large plastic card company. They desperately needed some cards for Saturday. Looking at the artwork the plastic cards are to be used at a motor show on the 5th March. The motor show is overseas so obviously some time needs to be built into the production to enable transportation by the customer to the overseas show.

I spoke to our production manager and she agreed that we would be ok to despatch the order of 1000 x plastic cards (760 microns thick with no optional extras) on Friday for delivery on Saturday. The Saturday delivery incurred an extra charge from our courier company but the customer was happy to pay this.

The order does have a very tight deadline of 3 working days however we felt that this is manageable. We would not accept an order if we felt we could not achieve the deadline.

The customer was genuinely appreciative of our help which is nice as our efforts often go with out any thanks.

If you are reading this Donna, thank you for your appreciation, it does mean a lot to us.

I will have my fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly with your order & that the motor show is a success for your company. Thank you again.

Images now removed!

plastic cards special offer

selection of plastic business cards

Last week I wrote a blog saying that a Chinese plastic card printing company had stolen images from our website to include on theirs.

We get this a lot from new companies in the industry that are either lazy or don’t have the ability to take their own photographs of plastic cards for their website.

Anyway, after repeatedly harassing/nagging the Chinese plastic card company, they have finally removed my images from their website.

However, they have not apologised!

I will continue to keep my eye on them as well as other new companies to ensure my images remain solely on my website.

Plastic cards – needed in a hurry?

plastic cards special offer

lots of clear business cards

Hello All,

I mentioned earlier in the week about a rush order for plastic cards for a car company . Well I have pleasure in announcing that we have managed to produce their plastic cards one day quicker than expected and the order should be delivered tomorrow.

We are obviously reliant on the courier company playing there part but all going well the customer should have plenty of time to transport the cards abroad for the motor show.

It’s always nice when we are able to help customers, sometimes the plastic cards can make or break deals for people, especially if they relate to a membership schemes and need to be given to new members at an open day or event (sorry I am waffling a little as the cards for the car company were not actually a membership card!).

Anyhow I just though I would let you know that this order has been despatched with time to spare and that if you need plastic cards in a hurry it may well be possible, please just ask & we will see what we can do for you.

Bye for now.

Bureau personalisation service

plastic cards special offer

plastic cards for ITV

Hello all,

Today has been a quiet day for business cards enquiries however the number of enquiries for membership cards and loyalty cards has been overwhelming. Most interest has been shown in relation to our bureau personalisation service (this is where cards are held in stock for the customer and an excel file is submitted with new members included). In order to provide quote for this service we generally ask customer to clarify the following:

1) How many plastic cards they expect to use over a 12 month period

2) How often they will submit an excel file (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

3) How many new members details will be within the excel file/how many cards they will call off from their stock each time

I think that because our service is so professional and easy to come to grips with that customers you love the idea of it. Most customer re-new there stock when it is depleted which proves in itself what a good service this is for membership and loyally card schemes.

Our bureau personlisation service is available with the full colour solid plastic cards (760 and 680 microns in thickness). We can offer other optional extras with the cards, such as signature panels. Should you need a price for this product/service, please email us at sales@cpcards.co.uk