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Satin black plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

holographic printing on black plastic cards

Wow today the enquiries for satin black plastic cards has been huge. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the great example we posted on the blog the other week or maybe thats just a coincidence. There are so many great ink/foil colours we can offer with this product. My personal preference would be for the metallic silver as this stands out so well and provides a great contrast against the black plastic. I also quite like metallic purple although the contrast against the black is not so prominent.

We can also offer optional extras on this product such as signature panels.

Oh I nearly forgot, we also offer a holoprint foil which is a lovely effect, similar to the back of a CD when it is moved around in the light.

Ah well better get on with some work, we will post any further news or updates on our plastic cards next week.

Plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

holographic printing on clear plastic cards

Hello all,

It’s been a busy day again today. It has been hard work today as some customers have been communicating with us via more than one email address and then come to order our plastic cards, so they fill out our online order form but use a completely new email address. It’s very hard to tie things together when this is done! We did however get there in the end!

If you place any orders with us please please please could you use just one email address?! It sooooo much easier for all concerned!

I know that here at Colour Plastic Cards we in the past had loads of email addresses for different departments, however we soon learnt that this just confused our customers. We now just have one email address which is sales@cpcards.co.uk this way everyone knows which email address to use. Its then up to us internally to divide the work, at least this way we have to do the work and the customer does not have to worry about whether their email will go to the correct department.

Bye bye for now

Frosted plastic cards – lovely design

plastic cards special offer

holographic printing on clear cards

Our design studio recently created this design for a customer.

It is a frosted plastic card printed with black and white ink, doesn’t it look lovely?

It just goes to show you that black and white ink can indeed look stunning.

I think one reason that the design looks so good is because there is very little information on the card, it has a nice clean look, rather than having lots of information crammed onto the card such as various phone numbers or email addresses etc.

People are pleased with their cards

plastic cards special offer

gold membership cards

Hello all,

Week in week out we receive compliments from customers who purchase our plastic cards, recently we have received a lot of positive feedback surrounding our response time to plastic card quote requests. We do try our very best to reply to all quotes very quickly.

The best way for a customer to request a quote if via our online quotation forms. This way we can fully understand the optional extras which are required.

I think that some customers may be put off completing the form as it asks for a contact telephone number. I would like to assure everybody that this telephone number will only be used should an emergency situation exist, for example if a customer has placed an order for plastic cards and the courier is struggling to delivery the order and this is the only phone number we have not tried, then we will use it as our mission is to ensure your order is delivered as timely as possible.

We are not the kind of company to phone up and pester potential customers as we do not think this has any advantage for anyone.

We may occasionally email to ask if there is anything we can do to assist with any order, if a customer replies to this email saying they are not interested then we simply do not contact them again. We just ask for a little courtesy and for customers to keep us informed, if for any reason they do not wish to proceed with their order – it’s not a problem, just keep us informed!

Anyhow. this blog started off on a positive note and has ended off in a little bit of a rant! We respect all our customers and hope they will return this to us. We welcome any constructive feedback.

Thank you for reading!

Plastic key tag orders

plastic cards special offer

gold foiling cards

We have had lots of orders for plastic key cards this month. In comparison to the full size plastic cards we have not offered this product for a very long period of time (perhaps just a couple of years now – doesn’t time fly!) however I would say that the keycards as just as popular as the full size plastic cards.

It really is a great product as has lots of potential uses. We typically have shops, garages and clubs using this product. Most people are familiar with this product due to Tesco introducing them for use with the club card scheme. Its funny how many people email/phone asking for a quote for the Tesco key cards, its as if this is now the known name for small plastic cards! We simply refer to them as key cards which measure 29mm x 54mm – we try to keep things simple!

The plastic key cards are particularly used a lot by garages, as when the garages customer have a car serviced etc they can pop one with the key when it is returned to the customer so that they will have the garages contact details for future reference. Our garage customers constantly mention that this has been a great success for them as this has resulted in more repeat customers for them.

We can offer the plastic key cards card with barcodes, numbering, personalisation, metallic gold or silver base cards & metal rings (as optional extras).

Bye for now

Quotations for plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

metallic cards

Although our website is informative and provides clear prices for our plastic card products and an online quote request form for the full colour solid plastic cards, some customer still wish to talk though there ideas.

This is no problem at all but can be difficult sometimes to get all the required information correctly.

In addition it can be useful to talk over ideas and help the customer to selected the correct product.

An example of when it can be difficult to take details over the phone is in relation to the customers email address. Occasionally human error will creep in and email address is taken down incorrectly. Its a shame when this happens as quite often 10 mins or more have been spent on the phone discussing the options, another few minutes for us to actually put the quote together and then the customer never receives the quote.

I would recommend to all customers who phone for a quote, just to pop a quick email over as well confirming there email address.

Its surprising how long and complicated some email addresses are!

Plastic cards with square corners

plastic cards special offer

foiled frosted cards

We occasionally receive phone calls from new and existing customers enquiring about plastic cards with square corners. We have have tried plastic cards with square corners however from a health and safety point of view we consider them to be too dangerous to produce/sell.

As the cards are plastic, producing them with square corners would leave four rather sharp corners which could result in nasty injuries.

We do offer one product with square corners, this is the matt laminated 380 gsm cardboard product. So if a customer insists on square corners this is the optional available for them.

If you are looking to order plastic cards with square corners from a company which does sell this please be careful & remember that the safety of other people should far out weight any benefits you feel are gained from square corners.

Our plastic cards come with 3mm radius corners as standard (same as a credit card) and we feel that as well as being safe by not having four sharp corners that look the most professional with the radius corners.

Informative website for plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

see through cards with foiling

We like to think that our website is informative and geared up to assist our customers as much as possible. Our website clearly shows all the products we offer, namely:

Frosted plastic cards

Satin Black plastic cards

Metallic plastic cards

Full colour solid plastic cards (3 thicknesses available)

Key tags

We offer example prices on the website for the satin black, frosted, metallic and matt laminated cards. The full colour plastic cards have so many optional extras that we feel it is not practical to include prices on the website, we do however offer a prompt online quote request service.

I would say that most quotes are replied to within 5 to 10 minutes however at busy times this can be longer. A lot of our customers think we have an automated quoting system as we often provide so quickly however I can assure you that we physically put each one together ourselves.

For the products which have prices available on the website we do not have a separate quote form however if customers feel they can not define their quote online they are free to email us and we will reply very promptly. Often it is useful for the customer to submit there artwork so we can assess the best product for them.

Our href=”/quotation-request/”>quote request forms have been developed over a number of years and I guess they will be adapted more in the future when we realize things that can be worded or done in a better way. If any one has any comments in relation to the quote request forms please fell free to let us know.

A Chinese plastic card company – theft

plastic cards special offer

foiled cards

Last week it was brought to my attention that a plastic card company based in China has stolen images from our website to include on their website.

I found it rather odd, that a plastic card company would do this, as you would think that they would have their own plastic cards to hand to photograph and add to their website, but obviously not!

Maybe they are conning people?

We have sent them several polite emails asking them to remove our images from their website but as yet they have not done this. I very much doubt that they will.

The funny thing is, one one of the pictures, it is my own hand holding the card, so at least I can prove it is my picture – “look, those are my finger prints!”

Be warned!!!